The 10 Best Things About Going To A Cold Weather School

On April 14th, it snowed in Chicago at Northwestern University. As much as I love my school, I couldn’t help but feel slightly envious of my friends who had spent the last month at their respective schools outside tanning and day drinking in tolerable temperatures. I’m sure anyone who was brave enough to venture out to areas near the Midwest for college has experienced this sort of “buyer’s remorse” with regard to their college choice. However, though longer days and more sun may be nice, overall, going to school in the cold seems to have benefits that outweigh any costs. 


1. You get to take advantage of winter attire  

There’s a certain irreplaceable cozy and chic feeling that a circle scarf, riding boots, and fur trimmed parka provide its wearer that a tank top and jean shorts simply do not.

2. You can experience all snow related activities. 

Ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and building snowmen (ok so not many college students build snowmen at school but still, the option’s there) would never be available in weather that barely skirts 60 degrees. 

2. You help protect your skin from skin cancer

I love being tan as much as the next girl, and if I were at school in Arizona, for example, there is a very high chance I would spend at least an hour outside a day under the sun. So, by going to school in the cold, I am really just helping myself by keeping my skin healthy.

4. You don’t have to shave your legs as often

If you read that sentence and thought, “Gross! I still shave everyday,” stop lying to yourself. Shaving your legs on the daily when you need to show them off in skirts and dresses is annoying enough when you have to do it for the summer. At least in cold weather, your legs are hidden under leggings or jeans all day.

5. You get to attend parties with fun winter themes

With winter weather comes a plethora of party theme ideas, i.e. “Winter wonderland,”  “Snowpants or no pants,” and “Ugly Christmas sweaters.”  Sure, at a school in warm weather I suppose you could have such parties, but anyone who shows up to a party in Florida in snow pants is just being a poser.  

6. You live through all four seasons  

Too much singularity is never a good thing, especially in weather. A little variety keeps things exciting, especially when that variety is a different landscape every three months.

7. You get to take and see winter Instagrams  

Too much singularity in an Instagram newsfeed is also never a good thing. Sure, beach Instagrams are great, but the feed needs a little variety that only “ice covered lakes” and “Starbucks cups held in your mittens” photos provide.

8. Your spring break is so much more exciting  

Going from warm weather to more warm weather doesn’t have the same thrill factor that going from bitter cold weather to warm weather has. You will be able to fully embrace and not take for granted your time on the beach!

9. You get snow days

This one is easy. Tell me the last time UCLA had classes cancelled because of snow. Exactly. 

10. You have ideal cuddle weather  

I’m aware this reason is extreme girly, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing like cuddling with a boyfriend inside while it’s snowing outdoors. And if you’re like me…boyfriend-less… you can cuddle with your body pillow… it has the same effect I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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