10 Cliché, Yet Totally True Reasons People Fall In Love

I asked a couple of people online about their relationship and asked them to give me some of their reasons on why they fell in love with their current partners. Here are some of the most cliché yet romantic reasons that people answer when they’re asked the question “What made you fall in love with him or her?”

1. He knows how to make me smile or laugh. “No matter how horrible my day is. Even when I’m on my period and being all bitchy, he always finds a way to turn my sour-looking face into a face filled with joy.” – Anonymous

2. She urges me to try new things. “Even the things that I don’t like, for example, a hot drink. She WILL force me shove down some freshly brewed hot tea or coffee into my throat, even when it’s extremely hot outside! I still do it for her though. I sometimes end up liking some of the things she lets me try.” – M.M., 25

3. I am never afraid to show him who I am. “I can act all goofy around him, without thinking twice if he will judge me for being too silly or inappropriate. I can cry in front of him, even about the little shit that bother me, and never feel afraid of him leaving me be.” – A.G., 18

4. Her appreciation towards others is unlike anyone’s I’ve ever met. “Give her a chocolate bar that you bought from a convenient store, she will repay you with a hug. Help her bring her lunchbox or paper bag of books and she will thank you by buying you lunch the next day. Teach her how to do something she wants to learn, and she will thank you by giving you her specially crafted letters or handmade flowers. She will do anything, small or large, to show you how grateful she for the simple things you genuinely do and give her.” – L.S., 17

5. He changes my way of seeing things. “When I am being my pessimistic self, he does his best to influence me in a way that helps me see the light again. He makes sure that I always have hope in life and believe in myself.” – K.D., 23

6. She erases all the doubts in my head. “When I am confronted with a situation that frightens me or makes me feel insecure, she knows what to say to make me feel better again. I also get words of encouragement from her that strengthens me to always to my best.” – A.M., 20

7. He listens to me and understands me (or at least tries to). “I remember telling him about this personal issue I had with my family. I kept ranting about how insensitive they were and told him stories about why I see them that way. I can tell that he couldn’t relate so much yet I kept telling him the details. Sometimes, the rants I say are just the same yet he really does his best to comment about it and comfort me.” – Y.C., 18

8. She is sometimes hard to figure out. “When my girlfriend acts unusually bitter towards me, I wonder what I did wrong again. I ask her what the problem is but she keeps saying that it’s nothing. After asking her a few more questions, she says the thing that’s bothering her. So we talk it out and we’re okay afterwards…or at least I thought it was. She still stays silent and a bit unresponsive then when I ask if she is fine, she would blankly answer with a yes. IT DRIVES ME INSANE! But I love how she just wants me improve and make things work well between us.” – A. N., 24

9. He knows my worth. “Not a day passes when he won’t show me how precious I am to him. Some people say that when it has been years since you and your partner have been together, the sparks fade. I don’t believe in such a saying! My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years now but he still treats me like he is still trying to win over my heart.” – I.N., 26

10. She just has this magic in her that I never found in anyone. “It may sound strange and stupid if I tell you that I instantly felt a connection the moment I first met my girlfriend but I did. You know how some people believe that once you see him/her, you’ll know? Well, I knew. I instantly knew that it was her. It will always be her.” – M.A., 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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