10 Funky-Fresh Benefits Of Wearing School Uniforms

Flickr / Simon Shek
Flickr / Simon Shek

1. Everyone likes to express themselves through fashion.

What better way to challenge your inner self-reflection with a twist and more competitive. Ever since I was able to dress myself. I always went based off my mood. Which expressed how I was feeling that morning. So when I was introduced to uniforms at first I was absolutely not for it. I thought to myself “how would I be able to stand out of the crowd while blending in?” after experiencing both, attending a school with uniforms and without. I realized it’s not about what I wear it’s about how I styled and accessorized it. See most kids wore the something without having assigned uniforms. Everyone wanted to follow the trend on the social sites anyway, so therefore everyone wore the same thing, but styled it differently. So wearing uniforms shouldn’t be no difference, right?

2. Yes you can still be stylish with a strict uniform code of conduct rules.

Most people think school uniforms suppress individual creativity. Most schools have a strict code of conduct for uniforms in the handbook. It states the colors and type of shirt, and pants. Whether collared button down shirts or polo t-shirts. Having a strict rule for uniforms makes it easy on the parents to run out and pick uniforms for their kids. It’s no hassle on what color, type and style. It saves all the fuss back in forth with your toddler who wants glitter cartoon top, or race cars shirts that kids love. Or you’re pre-teen who thinks they can wear anything revealing, or inappropriate. And the high schoolers that to cool for school, who once was me.

3. More money for those delicious snacks in the cafeteria.

For me uniforms came in handy when it was lunch time! My parents saved so much money buying me uniforms. That they gave me extra money to get those soft warm chocolate chips cookies I loved. I also was able to get an extra pair of sneakers. Other than the two pairs I got to start the school year off. And cool accessories to personalize my look. Book bag, jewelry, belts, underclothes etc. I was able to get more of because of the money saved. It eliminated the need for my parents to buy a large number of clothing.

4. Time consuming in the morning, easy!

That one time I went to the school without uniforms, waking up early in the morning or setting my bed time back. Looking for something I haven’t already wore that week, or month was a struggle in the morning. Getting ready for school and choosing what to wear can take a lot of time and put a lot of stress on the students as well as parents. School uniforms help the mornings run much more effortlessly, because there is no question about what to wear. For most parents after taking a shower, waking up the kids, making breakfast, brushing teeth, and combing hair, the last thing any parent wants to do is battle over what their child is going to wear to school that day. This helped me to improve punctuality and attendance. I’m sure it’ll help parents as well.

5. Do you have school S P I R I T?

Wearing the same clothing and school color as everyone. In which represented our school. Allowed me to have a feeling of unity. Just like any sports team that wears the same attire. A school that wears the same uniforms begin to function and think like a team. And together we were a team, we all represented the school.

6. Peace and unity, I realized kids can be cruel, especially to ones who aren’t considered as ‘cool’ or ‘trendy.’

Clothes make children who come from low income families a target for bullying. because they cannot afford to buy the newest and trendiest clothes. School uniforms puts everyone on an even playing field. You can’t tease someone for wearing the same clothes as you, think about it.

7. Let’s put the focus back into why we are here.

School uniforms stop intense focus on appearance and help it change back to education. I remember sitting in my seventh grade class, where we didn’t wear uniforms. Having to take twenty minutes out of the lesson plan to discipline a student for making fun of another student for “not matching”. Which I find to be crazy! Twenty minutes to discipline someone in a forty minute class.

8. Everyone likes to practice safety first right?

Most school uniforms are designed to be comfortable fitting every size and body type. As well as safe, with no long straggling sleeves, short skirts, dragging sagging pants to show underwear. Or hoods to catch danger. From experience having uniforms, works better. Having uniforms help resist peer pressure. And the pressure of fitting in.

9. Wearing uniforms starting at a young age helps improves professionalism.

Having wear uniforms far as grade school up until now. Now that I’m in college. Have structured me as I’m now in the professional world. I feel more advanced when it comes to what to wear in an interview. For example, my friend Jessica never wore uniforms growing up. We both went out for a job interview when I got there Jessica was wearing a high top tight, tight skirt. And a half black crop top with six inch heels. I looked confused as I laughed and said “jai are we going out to a club or going for a job?” she replied, “what? This is professional I’ve been dressing myself for some time now. Plus I saw Kim Kardashian in this similar outfit on a business meeting”. That’s when I appreciated the school system the most for applying school uniforms. It saved me the embarrassment on top of nailing the job!

10. Uniforms is the way to go!

It helped me make REAL friends based off of common interest. Instead of catty friendships where we gossiped about what who had on and why. Other than the reasons I listed. Crazy as it sounds wearing uniforms helps you connect with people on a real connection on common interest such as music bands, favorite subject in school etc. It takes a lot of the focus on the wrong things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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