Dear Donald Trump, I Never Considered Myself A Feminist Until You Came Around

Flickr / Jamelle Bouie
Flickr / Jamelle Bouie

President Trump,

I did not vote for you. To say you’re vastly under-qualified for the position to which you’ve been elected is a gross understatement, and I’m still shocked and saddened that a country that is meant to stand for and represent equality, diversity and liberty would elect you into office. The only good thing that came out of your campaign is unveiling the prevalence of bigotry and misogyny still are in the United States; your induction into office has forced us to realize that we haven’t progressed nearly as much as we’d thought.

When you first announced your candidacy for president I didn’t take you seriously; I didn’t think there was a chance in this world that you could win the Republican nomination, much less get elected. I watched your campaign gain momentum with growing horror, a campaign that lacked decorum and class, a campaign that was characterized by bullying and hateful speech. You publicly mocked a reporter with disabilities — though you called it “showing him ‘groveling’”.

You’ve repeatedly made lewd and disrespectful comments about women, and displayed a dismaying level of xenophobia. The hateful speech you spewed during your campaign has already inspired countless acts of violence, and your misogynistic objectification of women, thanks to your casual brush-off of “locker room banter”, continues to promote the rape culture that is already so prevalent in our patriarchal-driven society. 

You’ve preyed on the fears of certain demographics and used them to your advantage. I cannot deny that you have some intelligence, because you’ve successfully conned American voters into buying your brand and “Make America Great Again” slogan. I wonder, Mr. Trump, how you plan to “Make America Great Again” when you’re attacking the very principles that make America great: diversity, equality, freedom of speech. Attempting to diminish these three American values is unacceptable. Women’s rights are human rights. Gay rights are human rights. Minority rights are human rights. We are all equal.

Just because you happen to be born into a wealthy family as a white male with a penis between your legs doesn’t make you greater than another race, sex, or economic status. It does not mean that you deserve more because you were ‘born better’. You’ve attacked most people who work in the media that have dared to question you, tried to limit the power of the press, and become infamous for your Twitter tirades belittling anyone who calls you out for your behavior. Such tantrums are unsuitable for a person in your position: Respect is earned, Mr. Trump, and you’ve done nothing to earn mine.

As a female, it is upsetting that you and your male counterparts think you have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. My reproductive health is not some political platform. It is not something you or anyone else should be able to dictate. You’re doing your best to ensure that women’s resources are limited with your talk of de-funding Planned Parenthood and repealing the Affordable Care Act, without offering an acceptable alternative. Prior to your campaign (and now your presidency) I would never classified myself as a feminist, but your position as president threatens my rights as a human being. I, along with so many others, will fight you for our fundamental rights and acknowledgment. We are women, not lesser beings in any way, shape, or form.

You may be the President of the United States, but you are not the president of the people. This was proven when you did not win the popular vote, and again the day after your inauguration when millions of people around the world gathered to protest your presidency. Gatherings where people of every race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation united to show they do not support you or your political platforms. You promised that your presidency would be like no other, and so far that’s already been proven true; no other president has been protested on such a wide-spread level only a day after being sworn into office.

I hope you take a moment to listen to what the people are saying and take them into consideration as you start your journey as president. You have the power to change the state of this country, whether it’s for better or for worse. Right now you seem to be charging down the “for worse” path, but you still have time to correct your course. I hope you prove me wrong, but I’m terrified that you’ll prove me right and burn this country and what it stands for to the ground. This will probably be written off by your supporters as another Millennial whining because ‘her candidate lost’ or some other argument that’s quick to write-off my opinion.

But my fears and the fears of my peers remain, because you’ve shown that you’re a volatile human who is willing to compromise the basic values this country was founded on to promote your agenda. Presidents of the past have been placed under the strongest microscope of society, and every action has been scrutinized. You are no different. Tread carefully and think about the consequences of your decisions, because the entire world is watching–––and we will hold you accountable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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