7 Reasons Party Girls Make Great Girlfriends


When it comes to dating; party girls usually tend to get looked over. We are seen as unreliable, and not “wife material”, the girls who are have a lot of guys in their lives, but can never seem to hold down a man. Yes we have a little too much fun, but we have hearts of gold, here are a few reasons you should give us a chance

1. A party girl knows how to have fun. This is obvious, but no less valuable. We know how to turn any night into a “3 am drunken adventure with the Turkish people from the bar” kind of night. And let’s be honest, we all need more of these moments.

2. A party girl knows how to take care of herself. True party girls have been through their fair share of shit. They have been left at the bar by their friends, found themselves stranded on the other side of town with no phone or money and they have found their way back home every time. They don’t blame others when this happens; they simply wipe their mascara, throw their hair up and do what needs to be done. These girls rely on themselves because while party fiends are fun, they are not trustworthy. They have learned to trust themselves.

3. A party Girl knows how to own up to her shit. By this time in their lives, party girls have done some pretty shameful things. They have a past and they have for the most part, accepted it. They recognize shitty situations and move on. They won’t let one bad experience hold them back. They know how to say “yeah I fucked up, I’m sorry” and that is invaluable in a relationship.

4. They clean up well, and fast. Being a party girl means never knowing what kind of night you’re in for, meaning that you never know how to dress until about 5 minutes before heading out the door. Party girls are masters of throwing something together, and rocking it. This cuts down on “are you ready” fights.

5. They always have a good story. There is never a dull moment with these girls. They will tell you about their wild weekend (hopefully you were there for some of it), and you will laugh about the crazy situations she found herself in. You will be happy you’re with someone who you can never predict

6. These girls have a story. Most of the party girls I’ve encountered were not always party girls. Most have overcome incredible situations, are healing from unthinkable wounds, or lead genuinely interesting lives. Under their glitter eyeliner and whiskey neat, is something incredible. You just have to ask the right questions and stick around long enough, and you might get to see it too, and trust me it’s worth the wait.

7. Party Girls don’t take themselves too seriously. We recognize that on some level, our lives are a little ridiculous. It takes a certain kind of person to throw up in a bush and laugh about it the next morning. It’s nice to be around someone who can laugh at themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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