5 Things You Experience When You Have No Choice But To Let Go Of Your Forever Person

Michael Weibel


No matter how great you think you are doing, it still won’t feel right. Everything is just ordinary and will never be extraordinary. Every adventure, every achievements; it still won’t feel complete, simply because you’re not with your true love to share your experiences with.


Because you know you will always love him, you will still look for him and see him in everything that is going on. When you go to the beach, all you can remember is how he kissed you under that sunset. When you go to the mall, all you can remember is how he held your hand and you’ve never felt safer. And when you simply wake up in the morning, all you can remember is how happy and peaceful it was to wake up beside him, hugging you tight.


You won’t be able to be completely happy. You can still laugh with friends, bond with your family, but you will still feel that void in you. Yes, you will be happy, but not as much as you know you could’ve been if you are with your forever person.


You will be contented with whatever place you can have in his life. You will grab the first opportunity you can get to be his friend. Being his friend is better than being nothing at all to him. You will want to see him even though you know it will just hurt. You might even think there’s still a bit of a chance, but eventually, you will learn to let go of that hope.


You will move on. Yes, you will. You may think you cannot, but you will. Loving is different from owning. You will learn to love him from afar, and accept that he doesn’t have to be yours for you to be able to show how special he is to you. That forever person of yours will always own that special place in your heart, but in time, you will finally learn to live without him. And you will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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