The Strange Thing About Your Aching Heart

Rachel Baran

the strangest part about a hurt this big is that no one
can really feel it but you;
no one else is going to remember it
5 years 5 months 5 minutes from now.

you have his phone number memorized and you’ve thought about calling it a hundred times tonight but there are somehow
billions of people who don’t even know the color of his eyes.
the picture from last summer when both of you are
sun-soaked and laughing only holds two strangers that
so many people will never even see.

he was your whole universe but when it’s in perspective,
you are just a speck of dust, and he, a pinprick of light
that you were unlucky enough to cross paths with.

there are people who saw you out of the corner of their eyes
when you were on your first date, when he kissed you the first time.
they don’t think about you. they never did.
there’s a girl who bumped into him on the street the night
he left you and she mumbled a ‘sorry’ and then forgot him and
moved on, the way you never will.

and when you are sobbing into your pillow and your whole body
is heaving with how much you love him,
how much you need him, how much it hurts,
someone across the world says his name and
doesn’t feel a damn thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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