17 Unconventional Descriptions Of Happiness That Will Remind You To Appreciate The Little Things


1. Happiness is going through the motions of cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing your living space and feeling like you have fixed your life and scrubbed your soul clean. There’s something about having a calm and clean space that uplifts the spirit.

2. Happiness is fully recovering from any condition that left you almost incapacitated or weakened. You get to experience the joy of being able to function again like a human being. You feel blessed with the often-overlooked miracle that is the amazing ability of your body to heal.

3. Happiness is when it rains at night after a day of sweltering heat.

4. Happiness is having a good laugh until your abdominal muscles hurt.

5. Happiness is finding a substantial amount of money in the pocket of a clothing item you haven’t worn in a while. Like a surprise gift from you to you.

6. Happiness is listening to the radio when your favorite song comes on.

7. Happiness is dancing your heart away in the confines of your room like no one is watching, because actually, no one is.

8. Happiness is taking a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

9. Happiness is forgetting reality and falling into a good book.

10. Happiness is reveling in solitude over the weekend (if that’s your thing) because a few things are more pleasurable than the joy of doing nothing.

11. Happiness is a delicious meal that satisfies your hunger and leaves you full.

12. Happiness is watching your ceiling fan whirl back to life because electricity has been restored on a humid night. And now you might drift off and get the sleep your body desperately needs. You get to experience this joy when you live in a country that’s mostly hot and always having inconsistent power supply. The average Nigerian (like me) can relate to this.

13. Happiness is a little kid smiling back at you when you smile at him or her. Or better, laughing hysterically when you make funny faces. That reaction is everything.

14. Happiness is hearing the voice of a loved one –friend, family member or significant other – over the phone and realizing how much you miss this person and how good it feels to know that they are alive and safe.

15. Happiness is reuniting with a lover, friend, or family member(s) who has been away for a long time.

16. Happiness is watching someone’s face light up with relief because you fixed something for them, thus freeing them from a frustrating situation. In my experience, this has mostly involved technology.

17. Happiness is the tiny little (often overlooked) things and moments that add up to create a beautiful life experience. You just have to pay attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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