8 Things I’ll Miss About My Long Distance Relationship

Like Crazy
Like Crazy

I have spent the last two years commuting to my boyfriend. From New York to DC every month, and now, I’m over it. So, I’m moving there- to DC. I have job prospects and friends, and all that important stuff, but to be honest, I am just really sick of doing the long distance thing. I’m tired of having a relationship with my cell phone. I’m finished spending thousands of dollars on bus tickets, train tickets, plane tickets, you-name-it-tickets. I’m sick of saying goodbye to him. I’m exhausted from missing him.

I’m just tired. 240 hours tired. Seriously, I did the math. 240 hours spent, on a grimy bus, scrunched up against a window, wasting a beautiful Sunday afternoon just to count minutes. Not to mention the days, weeks, years lost just wishing I were with him. No sir, I will not miss that.

Long distance tests a relationship. It makes you constantly question — is this worth it? …3 hours later, still stuck in traffic. Okay, but is THIS worth it? …Ahh butt cramp- okay be honest- is this really worth it? 

In my case, it was. Which is why in a couple weeks I will officially be in a short distance relationship. But however excited I am to commence our normal coupledom, there are some things that I will miss about being in a LDR.

In fact, there are 8:

1. That first kiss.

Seriously, the best. The first time he kisses me after a month of missing him honestly feels like Christmas morning. It feels like the first sunshine after a long winter. It’s the satisfaction that only comes from a moment worth waiting for.

2. He’s in my town

Okay this one is going to sound selfish but when he comes to visit me, we get to go wherever I want to go. We get to see whomever I want to see. He’s in my town, with my friends and I get to decide. It’s nice. 

3. The late-night, up-all-night phone-calls-about-nothing

Walking home drunk? You know who to call.

4. Always having someone to text

Whenever you’re lonely or bored or awkward, you always have someone you know will text you back in less than 2 minutes. Crisis averted.

5. The love letters

All right, this only happened one time but it was so sweet and never would have happened if we weren’t forced to live 300 miles apart. And now I get to pretend like we were lovers in the 19th century.

6. The nerves

This one is embarrassing. I’ve dated the man for 2 and a half years and I still get so nervous the day before I see him. But, it’s a good kind of nervous. It’s a jittery reminder that you’ve got something good.

7. The daydreams

In a LDR, there is always something to look forward to. There is always something to dream about, to wish for, to strive towards. It really is the sweetest sort of torture.

8. Not having to shave

This one speaks for itself, and it’s totally not worth being separated from the love of your life, but…I will miss this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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