We Must Hold Space For Each Other

There is someone right now in this very moment having the very same feelings as you, having these feelings for very similar if not the same reasons. These people may be right next door or oceans away experiencing the same wave of emotions, processing it, and letting it settle in their bones. Circumstances of lives we live may be so different, but these feelings are universal. The same love, ache, fear and longing live in all of us. We are constantly stirred by the world and these experiences of existence always bring us back to what is true.

We must hold space for each other and for ourselves. We must let these feelings move through us and our lives at the pace they need to so we can one day finally be free. We must hold space to feel as deeply as we need. Listening to each other and listening to ourselves may be essential factor to help create the movement to bring us back into the flow. We will all go through what we do, and sometimes all we have to offer is the freedom to feel as they go through their struggle.

We are all sharing this world, and even though the situations we find ourselves in may be different, we are connected by the emotions we feel. It is in these connections we can understand ourselves and others and learn to act more compassionately, because at one time, we were seeing the world from a different view.

The ability to fully live exists here is in this very moment, and the braver you are, the more depths you will reveal. There is a freedom to feel things and to know that you are not alone in the feeling. We are always in movement like the earth and in change like the weather. Things are forever unpredictable. We are given maps to places we’ve never intended to travel to, we learn languages we never thought we would, and when we navigate with our hearts, we are set free. In this life we need to know that we need each other more than ever. We need to realize that the heart feels things and we can help each other by simply being there for one another’s struggle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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