Spring Is Creating A New World For Me

Spring is happening all around me and I must take time to open my eyes to see.

There is so much hope to be seen in watching a world awake.

A world coming back to life with a slow, steady intentional pace.

All of the pieces begin to come back to connect creating a harmonious, supportive space.

A landscape so familiar, yet so changed after a winter slumber.

A great energy causes each piece to show itself with grace and grow in subtle ways.

After a long season ends, each piece of life begins to show its age.

Old growth and new seeds set themselves up for life and settle in wholeheartedly to what this new year might bring.

Spring is awakening inside of me and I must take the time to open my mind and heart to see.

I have been living inside too long, pieces of me have perished; in each moment I am becoming more acquainted with this new way to be.

Deeply following what I am feeling to determine what I need and releasing all that is no longer part of me.

The power of the sun and the warmth of the air begins to shake the seeds.

Attention is pulled to where I need to send my compassion and energy.

In this moment, I am as bare as a tree, longing for leaves or a meadow where the wildflowers yearn to be.

All growth begins when spring is fearlessly invited in and all is surrendered to possibility.

This new life will unravel as I feed it love and breathe into uncertainty.

The landscape of life is forever changing.

I absorb the newest vitality and open my heart and mind to what a new spring will bring.

The bravest growth of this new season will reveal a new world to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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