Winter Is A Time To Ease Into You

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Winter is a time to ease into you.

Winter is a time to settle into the slumber of darkness of dreams, not dreams that spread like wildfire but dreams that churn slowly making a solid from a thick and heavy cream taking time to use every speck of tenderness alive inside to rest in and create new wonders to stir in the soft tissue of your mind and flow through your body settling like heavy, saturated earth in the architecture of your bones bringing your entire body into astonishing rest.

Winter is a time to wrap yourself in layers of ease and tranquility to settle into the warmth that comes not from the quickness of movement but the stillness and what already flows through the marrow of your bones led by a heartbeat warming at the core to cocoon in blankets of love surrendering to peace and steady purpose as your body changes shape and melts in calmness.

Winter is a time to resist the urge to do and allow yourself to search the deepest corners of your mind to release all curiosity soaking your whole body in vulnerable, infinite love creating light that will open space up like the stars in the sky, finding freedom in silence and growing to understand yourself without words or movements but in the harmony of breath.

Winter is a time for peaceful places to have quiet hands open up the curtains at night letting the moonlight spill through frosted windows upon the secrets of life happening inside to seep into sleep as your eyes are closed and imagination runs wild comforting you in the depths of slumber as cold outside begins to take over while a blanket of fresh, white snow tucks the world in to sleep and rest peacefully.

Winter is a time to ease into you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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