Summer’s Last Waves And Autumn’s Beginning Glow

selective focus photography of woman near shoreline
Xavier Mouton Photographie / Unsplash

As summer comes to an end and we prepare for fall, there is a movement and anticipation in the air. What will happen as the temperature and scenery around us change? What will the next season have in store for us? Will it be filled with routine or mystery?

I am going to ride the last waves of summer all the way to the very end.

I don’t want to come crashing down onto a sandy beach.

I don’t want to lose anything of value.

I want to land with two feet on the ground and walk into a vibrant, bountiful fall.

Sending all that is no longer serving me back to sea.

Filling the pockets of my heart and mind with love and possibility to take with me.

I am going to ride the waves of summer all the way to the very end.

Carrying cherished memories and acknowledging messy or broken pieces to mend.

Staying mindful of where I am with an earthy, brisk breeze to lead.

Stepping gently forward into the new energy and wisdom of an autumn not yet known.

I am going to trust in autumn and its breezy, falling leaf glow.

Slowly moving from sunkissed, moist skin to layers of warmth to protect the divine within.

Letting all the weight I’ve been carrying sink steady back down to the earth as I get ready to tuck in.

My mind will move like air blowing, creativity just like the wind.

My heartbeat will burst with colors, allowing all the love to sink in.

I am going to trust in autumn and its breezy, falling leaf glow.

Moving all of summer’s disappointments out to settle and cool down.

What once was or will never be will have time to mend.

Swirling ideas and intention will later burst when there is time to tend.

Sitting steady to greet the day at dawn and watch it leave at dusk in the eve; colors in the sky in their own blend and vibrant flow.

I will move forward as I have time and time again. I will get to know this new season. It will take care of me, I know. TC mark

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