Finally I Was Strong Enough To Walk Away

Dani Vivanco / Unsplash

It was just another random day

I was going about my business in the usual way

Yet, today would be much different than

the usual sequence of events

Today would be the day

I would stumble upon you

I supposed we both knew it was coming

We just didn’t know when

We have years between us

So much life lived apart

Though history would tell that a stumble usually led to a fall

I saw him standing there

Tall, dark, and handsome as always

He smiled at me

That smile I knew so well

He caught my eyes with his gaze

It felt impossible to break away

When he spoke, he used the words

beautiful, amazing, stunning and so on and so forth

My knees began to weaken and I sat down beside him

He ordered me a drink

We found ourselves in a familiar space

The conversation began to carry us away

As we spoke of so many lives lived

I began to melt back in to him

I felt our fingers, our arms, our legs, our bodies become intertwined

I was lost in the moment

Lost in the tugging in my heart

Lost in the burning desire in his eyes

Lost in what once was and what will never be again

As the words continued to come and go so easily

I felt a strong pull to move away

I made space between us

I allowed for years upon years to untangle

I was back where I needed to be

My legs began to strengthen

I could feel my feet steady on the floor

I stood up and said goodbye for the very last time

I left my drink sitting untouched on the table

Aware there is poison in his nectar

Finally, I was strong enough to walk away. TC mark


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