Don’t Stop Kissing Me

Mikayla Herrick / Unsplash

Kiss me in the morning, when my head is on the pillow as my eyes gently open, the sun peeking in. I want to begin my day with your love.

Kiss me when we’re out and about and our worlds are spinning around, send sweetness down to my feet when our mouths meets.

Kiss me in the summertime, in the heat of the day, sticky, sweaty skin on skin; let your lips taste like rain and settle my steamy heart.

Kiss me on the salty, sandy beach; your mouth is like an ocean and I will explore the depths and widths with a steady pace.

Kiss me when you’re smiling cheek to cheek so the happiness slowly sinks in.

Kiss me when we’re dancing, your hands resting gently on my hips, effortlessly guiding me across the floor. Softness making me feel safe in your steps.

Kiss me when I’m feeling down, your lips a tender place to settle as I regain my strength with you as my home base.

Kiss me as the sun is setting creating a fire in the sky. We will let go of the day as our mouths meet.

Kiss me after you take a sip so I can swirl in flavors and tastes.

Kiss me under a midnight sky with all the stars watching. An exploration of love in the moonlight.

Kiss me something wild, over and over again as we become whole and I lose control.

Kiss me because the world is spinning so we won’t drift too far.

Kiss me because it feels like home when your hands are in my hair and my heart steadily beats.

Kiss me to let me know I’m never alone in this life that carries me.

Kiss me so I’m never hungry for your love and I will know each piece of us still fits, to know our hearts are still secure in this space.

Kiss me just to kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. Don’t stop kissing me. TC mark

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