Stop Seeking Acceptance – Life Is Not A Formula

Elijah Henderson
Elijah Henderson



When the world is not pinging the phone in your hand and your parent or S.O. is not nagging you about what you should’ve already accomplished today, what are you thinking about?



Is your mind a constant state of confusion or does your Google search history tell another story? I’m constantly asking the universe what my next step should be. Promotion? Love story? Eternal salvation? On the other hand, my internet searches consistently look at the one journey I can’t ignore.

My mind and my heart are two separate things. I tend to attribute this to my selective ambidexterity (the left is the brain and the right is the brawn) but only a true psychologist would know the “answer” to my obscurities.

A wise sister once told me that your life score is not about counting the currency but rather the smiles.

If you can feasibly make it happen, then do it. Don’t ask other peoples’ hearts before your own. When you’re old and wise enough to look back on today, would you answer with “he/she was right” rather than “I’m glad I did”?

Stop. Seeking. Acceptance.

Be captivated by this Earth, a planet where sounds of many pitches, frequencies and volumes, the science behind I do not understand, become songs of the heart. Be captivated by a world in which colors and textures become expressions of love. Be excited to be the creator rather than simply the seer! Who knows how we will be judged when oxygen ceases to enter our lungs. All we can hope for it the absence of regret.

Close your eyes and picture happiness.

Contentedness. Tranquility. What does it mean for you??

Quiet the chaos and the buzz around you. When no one else’s voice permeates the confines of your conscious, what do you hear?

This is your life and only you can hear its monologue. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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