8 Things You Learn When You Date A Musician

Inside Llewyn Davis
Inside Llewyn Davis

They’ve got a fan in you…

1. Visiting their apartment and dodging exploded nests of cords and cables has given you cat-like reflexes and made you into an acrobat. Like, seriously. You never trip. Anymore. Over anything.

2. Jam sessions transcend any limitations in the space-time continuum. You’ve learned that any day involving “jamming out” means either a nice TV dinner later alone, binging on Netflix, or 6 hours of intensive noise in a small space while stalking your friends on your Facebook (if you’ve dated long enough you know to go with the Netflix.)

3. “Meeting up for drinks” with your boo and the band literally means a small private party, since said drinks are shared with members of the band, their significant others, friends, cousins, pet groomers, etc…

4. Gig after-parties = literally the closest you can get to Stefan’s famous Weekend Update parties. Seals balancing DJ’ing midgets on their heads? Check. New York’s hottest new club is…. apparently this afterparty. 

5. Music taste shaming is alive and well. You will learn to hide that you are a fan of any kind of mainstream pop music and eventually even participate in a discussion of why albums a band made after (insert mainstream-breaking album title here) were compromised and sub-par. Your taste in obscure bands and influential solo artists/producers will become near-perfect. (Brian Eno. ‘Nuff said.)

6. You gain a new appreciation for music venues in and around your city of residence. Like, seriously. You should be tapped as a consultant for travel guides that need advice on live music venues where you live you’re THAT good. (The Nest has great craft beer, but get there early for shows there because cover charge starts at 10…)

7. Your categorical memory has expanded to include all the lyrics you’ve ever heard your boyfriend/girlfriend belt out night. After night. After night. You’re the one in the crowd getting your hands ready for some epic air guitar 5 seconds before the guitar solo. (Are you psychic? Or just dating the bassist?) 

8. Music is a beautiful thing. A gift to be cherished. And being any part of the creative process, especially the supporting part, is a role not to be taken lightly. You are responsible for nourishing this musical evolution every step of the way, from listening to lyrics to letting loose at shows. All in all, it’s actually a pretty cool gig, and one you wouldn’t trade for the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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