This Is How I Love You

Ismael Nieto
Ismael Nieto

Hello my love.
So sweet and pure.
So fierce yet calm.
I remember when I first laid eyes on you. That click, that changed my gaze.
I’ve longed for you.

My love, please don’t give into anger or fear or over think. There is no need to tightly wrap your arms around me and squeeze me so I’ll never leave, no need to hook me like a fish and quickly reel me in. Instead, let me be free, for that is how I love thee.

My love, please don’t let anger get the best of you when you come home from a long day at work and sometimes I am not home to greet you. My love, please don’t be worried or sad, for everyday and every second that we’re apart, I miss you.

I’m always missing you.

Everyday I wait, I count down the time until you’re in my arms again. The excitement is so great my love that sometimes I want to prolong it.

My love, it’s not to anger or worry you, it’s to ignite our love, our longing, our passion again and again. For when I count down to the very last second before I feel your loving embrace

time stops
my heartbeat stops
for that one second everything stops
pure bliss, it’s just you and me.

For this is how I love you.

My love, please don’t be offended if we’re out at a crowded party and we find ourselves talking and mingling with different people. Please don’t for one second think this random person has some how captured me and taken me away from you.

Oh my love, for before you looked up to notice me across the room, I noticed you.

I noticed the hand movements you make when you’re in a descriptive conversation, your big bright yet soft smile that peeks out from those pink sweet lips.

I notice you.

I notice how you are always so polite and charming , always making eye contact, you are always fully engaged in your conversations. In these moments as I watch you from afar I fall in love with you.

I fall in love with the way your hands move
the way your lips move to say every syllable of every letter
and then click
you gaze up in my direction
You gaze at me with those big ocean blue eyes and I remember

I remember that I am yours.

For you see my love there is no need to fear, there is no one that can take me away from you. For even though I am free, it is always you I seek.

For this is how I love you.

At night as we lay our heads upon the pillows, you run your fingers softly through my curls, you kiss my forehead, my nose, my lips, you weave your hand into mine and then you gaze at me. You gaze at me with those big ocean blue eyes and then we click

I feel it and I know you feel it too, I can see it in the corners of your mouth as you release a slight smile for only me to see.

For I am yours and you are mine.

Sweet dreams my love but please, there is no need to fear, for even though we swim and dance and are swallowed in our own dreams, this is my favorite part.

When I roll over to your warm presence and open my eyes, time stops, my heart beat stops, for that first second of the day, the world, my world is you.

So you see my love you’ve got me.

You’ve captured me without capturing me. You’ve reeled me in without a hook. You’ve caught my eye in every crowd.

You love me without saying a word
and I do you.

For this is how I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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