A Love Letter To The Heartbroken Girl I Used To Be

We did it. We survived. We got through what we thought was going to be the roughest and hardest thing in our life. Not only did we get through it, we flourished.

If no one else has told you, know that I am so proud of you. I am so proud of the women that you have become and the strength you found when your heart was torn to shreds.

I’m sorry that you couldn’t see your worth sooner. I’m sorry that someone had the ability to tear down the genuine smile that used to be plastered on your face. That smile could change someone’s day in a heartbeat.

You beat yourself up, questioned your self-worth, decided you weren’t worthy of love, and isolated your heart. I don’t blame you, though—your world was turned upside down in a moment’s time. In a world of bright colors, the only thing that shone through was black. Little did you know that eventually that black would fade and you’d soon find yourself a blank canvas, enabling you to start over.

I’m sorry that at your worst, you didn’t even love yourself. When you look back at those moments, I hope you realize how much you’ve grown. You learned how to put yourself first, that your feelings were valid, and that if you didn’t learn how to correctly love yourself for all of who you are, no one else was going to be able to do it.

I need you to know it gets better.

The ache in your soul will fade. The emptiness will disappear.

I need you to know that you will be happy again. It may seem impossible right now, but the good is coming. The hour glass has to tip eventually, and luckily for you, it will be in your favor.

I want you to know you are worthy of the love you continue to try and give everyone else. You are an intelligent, strong-minded, kind, beautiful, and down to earth woman.

All of the tears you cried weren’t wasted. The soul searching that entailed strengthened your heart. You will find the will to stand on two feet again, and not just to run.

I want you to know the future is bright.

It seems like a long climb, but the view is worth it.

You’re not a disappointment. You’re not a burden.

You are wanted.

You will find love again.

There is someone out there who is going to easily help you forget the person who broke your heart. So let out all the tears and frustrations from this relationship, because the next one is going to be amazing if you let it be.

Love is worth a second chance.

Always remember that you were never truly alone even on the days when you felt like it.

Thank you for not giving up, because that is half the battle.

I am proud of you always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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