Even If It’s Not With Me, I Hope You Find Happiness

The end of relationships just down right suck. I’ll be the first to admit after a breakup I do not wish happiness to my ex. I’ve told friends that I want them to feel my pain and that I hope they wallow in pity and never feel happy again.

I am grown up enough now to realize how unfair that is. We had reasons we didn’t work, no one is perfect and though our relationship came to an end you deserve to be equally as happy as I am.

It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken in fact I can’t even remember all of the words that transpired between us. I know how I felt though, hurt, betrayed, lost and angry. So no I didn’t wish you a world of yes’s or happiness. I hoped your food was cold, that your friends stopped talking to you, and I hoped the next one would destroy your heart.

I was so wrong and I don’t feel that way anymore. Time has given me the gift of clarity and growing up has matured me more than I thought would happen. Now instead of anger and sadness when I hear your name or see your photograph I’m fine.

You see when we split up I was able to find myself. I was able to truly understand what would make me happy. In the long run I realized we weren’t meant to be and it’s selfish to wish bad things on you.

I hope you followed your career goals and didn’t give up until someone gave you the opportunity. I hope you wake up happy to go to work every day and don’t stare at the clock until 5 pm strikes.

I hope the things that remind you of me don’t bring you anger or sadness. I hope you can look back at them and look at the good times and smile. We didn’t have all bad times but most times the anger and sadness clouds those memories.

My hope is you found someone new. I hope this person makes you laugh till you want to cry, smile when you’re sad and has learned all of your quirks. I hope this person makes your heart skip and allows you to understand why you and I didn’t make the perfect pair.

I hope happiness finds you in places we couldn’t make work. Where we fell short, I hope the two of you steer in a clear path.

Though we thought our original plans were wonderful I hope your next set of plans are extraordinary. That is the greatest thing about life; you can change your plans and the characters in your story.

So I hope you’ve changed your story. I hope you’ve grown and became the person you knew you could always be.

Even though we didn’t make it, I hope a fairy tale is still in your future.

I am okay with where I am in life, more than okay I am the happiest I have ever been.

It’s why I can say that even if it isn’t with me, I hope you find your happiness in whatever the entails.

Hawkeye alumni. Sports enthusiast. Avid reader. Harry Potter expert.

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