19 Ways To Make The Most Of The Rest Of 2019

19 Ways To Make The Most Of The Rest Of 2019

I feel like it was just January 1st we were setting our New Year’s resolutions and then blinked and it’s the middle of July. I bet a lot of those New Year’s resolutions were great ideas that fell short so let’s make the best of what we have left of 2019.

1. Set attainable goals. Be realistic of what you can mentally, emotionally, and physically handle and choose little goals that you can actually accomplish.

2. Say yes to more things. Try new things; open yourself up doing something that could seem a slight bit out of your comfort zone. You may find that you actually enjoy them.

3. Stay optimistic. Instead of always focusing on what could go wrong focus on what could go right. If you put all your energy into something positive imagine what it could do.

4. Let go of toxic people. Do yourself a favor and stop holding onto to those that are not a positive influence in your life. Instead, fill your time with those who genuinely want to be in your life.

5. Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. A lot of those Instagram accounts you follow are posed. Don’t immerse yourself in wanting to live everyone else’s life. Live the one you have.

6. Unplug for a while. Put down the phone, tablet, computer, and turn off the TV and just enjoy yourself. Read a book, go for a walk, or have a genuine conversation with someone. Go to a show and don’t Snapchat the entire thing, just be there.

7. Stand up for yourself. If something is bothering you speak up. Don’t back down from your opinions because others don’t agree but do it with humility.

8. Listen to others. Learn about other’s opinions with an open mind, be a good listener when a friend is sad, and listen to what is going on in your community and in the world.

9. Get more rest. Try and go to bed earlier or get a little bit more sleep in general. Focus on rejuvenating yourself, the more rest you get the more productive you can be. The more energy you have the more you can experience.

10. Stop worrying about the past. It is very important to learn from your past but stop dwelling on it. You can’t change it, it has already happened.

11. Live in the now. Enjoy today and what you can do to make today a good day. If you live each day with a positive attitude you won’t stress as much.

12. Exercise a little more. Go for a walk; hit the gym for a half-hour, or anything to get your body moving. No one really wants to work out but your body will thank you for it.

13. Declutter. Organize your closet and get rid of things you know you are never going to wear again. Get rid of things that have been sitting on a shelf and make room for things that you will actually use and enjoy.

14. Drink more water. You may not get the whole eight glasses in but try and up your intake.

15. Make memories during the holidays. The second half of the year brings us an assortment of holidays. It’s not about the monetary items you give but the memories we create. Enjoy old family traditions and maybe create new ones.

16. Compliment others. The world seems like such a negative place, so give meaning compliments to those that are close to you. It’s amazing what one sentence can do to change a person’s day.

17. In turn, don’t forget to compliment yourself. This one is a lot harder but it is very important. You’re human and you’re doing the best you can. It’s easy to point out your flaws but if you start building yourself up imagine what that would do to your self-esteem.

18. Don’t be some critical of yourself. Remember that it is a bad day, not a bad life and we are lucky to have another opportunity to have a better day.

19. Just Breathe. Don’t forget to take a moment and just breathe. Sometimes that’s the best gift we can give ourselves. I mean, after all, you’re only human.

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