Let Him Go

Let him go.

Three simple words strung together create an extremely liberating sentence. I know it is easier said than done, but I promise if you continue to repeat it to yourself like a mantra, eventually that sentence will be your personal lifesaver. 

You have to let him go because he doesn’t deserve to have a hold on you anymore.

Let him go because you’ve cried enough tears.

Let him go because you continuously made him a priority and you got “lucky” when he made you an option.

Please let him go, because he is holding you back. He is holding you back from moving forward towards happiness. He’s stuck his claws in you and it’s time to rip them out one by one.

Free yourself from thinking you’re inadequate, from feeling unlovable.

Let him go because you are extremely deserving of love.

Let him go because the good you saw in him may have been there when you first met him, but it’s not there anymore.

Let him go because he makes you question and doubt yourself.

Let him go because he has twisted and contorted your view on love.

Let him go because love is a two way street and you shouldn’t have to put in all the effort.

Let him go because the game is over. His continuation of pulling you in different directions and the confusion of what is happening next is complete. You know the correct path you have to take to survive.

Let him go because loving him is pure torture.

Let him go because I can promise that the late nights you stay up thinking about him, you are not on his mind.

You must let him go because 3 a.m. phone calls are beneath you.

Let him go because he is not right for you.

Let him go because he’s moved on to find his happiness, and you are more than worthy of the same.

Let him go because deep down, you want to move on.

Three little words that I promise you are going to change your life for the better:

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