She Is Heartbroken, But She Won’t Let That Pain Define Her

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You may not notice it when you first look at her but if you give her a second glance or stare into her eyes for a few extra moments, you’re going to see it.

She’s going to have a look, deep in her eyes, that lets you know she’s silently suffering. It’s a mix of all types of emotions: love, hate, heartbreak, loneliness, confusion and happiness.

She’s struggling to put the pieces back together; the puzzle of her heart is larger than any jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever completed. She’s working it out in the best way possible, slowly with the edges and eventually will persevere through the middle, through the tough spot.

Any type of distraction is going to be welcomed. She’ll be the shoulder to lean on, she’ll talk to guys she normally never would and she’ll do things that aren’t normal for her.

A heartbroken girl feels incomplete. She loved someone more than you could imagine and it feels like half of her is missing.

Operating as half a person is tough. It feels like the love she had was ripped in two, and not only did her heart get broken, but that person took half of her love with them and discarded it without a care in the world.

So here come the walls because you can bet she isn’t going to let herself feel that pain come crashing down again. She is bound and determined to make sure she never lets her heart get taken advantage of again, but deep down she knows that isn’t true.

Because this broken-hearted girl loves to love and if someone finds their way over that wall she’s going to exhaust herself to feel all over again. She knows that eventually, time does heal all wounds.

In time, the realization that she can do it again will come full circle, she’ll learn to forgive but never forget.

But there is going to be a little apprehension next time. She won’t be so quick to lower the bridge and jump into the chaos.

She’ll want to not allow herself to be vulnerable, but she’ll realize that to be fully open in a relationship and to heal that she is going to have to allow herself to be open again.

A broken-hearted girl sees things a little differently; she looks at people a little closer and examines situations a little bit more cautiously.

But if you take a great look at her you’ll realize she isn’t broken at all.

In fact, she’s putting herself back together slowly and in her own way. She holds onto little pieces of her heartbreak as a reminder, and you’ll see little flickers of the brokenness but don’t let that define her because she isn’t.

Don’t pity her, but also don’t tell her that what she’s feeling isn’t real. Be there for her but let her do it at her own pace.

A woman who has had her heart broken is strong. She has found all this new confidence and is slowly starting to let it show. She isn’t going to let one person stop her from letting her heart heal. She isn’t going to let one individual keep her from giving love and finding someone to give her the love she deserves.

Her heart might be broken, but she will not be defined by that because she is more than a label. She’s more than what she’s been through.

She’s resilient, wonderful and one day will move forward and embrace all that life and love have to offer.

So sit back and watch because when you look in the eyes of a girl who has had her heart shattered you’ll see a story just waiting to unfold. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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