To The Next Guy Who’s Willing To Brave My Storm

Jean Gerber
Jean Gerber

“Storms never last do they baby, bad times all pass with the wind, your hand in mine stills the thunder and you make the sun want to shine.”

First off I can’t promise you that the journey you’re about to embark on is going to be easy, but I can promise it’ll be worth it.

“Nothing that’s worth while is ever easy. Remember that.”
-Nicholas Sparks

I don’t know when I’ll meet you, thought I can tell you I’m looking forward to it. Don’t be alarmed if I seem guarded and uninterested, I’m just tired of dealing with guys who can’t handle the love that I have to offer.

I’ve been introduced to all the wrong guys, the ones who let you fall with no intention of catching you, or worse the ones who prove that it’s hard to find someone that’s willing to be loyal to just you. From a young age I’ve known guys that have abused, used and played with my emotions.

I need to tell you a few things before you jump in head on. If you invest your time in me, I’m going to invest mine in you. I’m going to love you with everything I know, and I’m not going to half-ass it either.

My walls are built high, with a moat around it. It’s unfair to you that I automatically judge you to be just like the people of my past, but it’s to protect my heart that so easily clutches onto the idea of love.

I’m the girl who loves with every fiber in me and I do it the right way. A lot of guys don’t know how to handle or accept the kind of love I have to offer.

My heart has been broken in the past but it doesn’t mean the right person can’t help mend it. I’m braver because of the heartache, because not only am I willing to take chances on people, I’m willing to give someone else the chance to get the love I think they deserve.

Finding someone who can love me the way I can love them is something I’m looking for and I’m willing to work for the relationship that not only I deserve but that you deserve as well. It’s a partnership, I’m looking to grow and enjoy life’s adventures with. It’s a chance that is terrifying, because I could end up heartbroken again but I’m willing to try and fight for love.

I’ll let you in on my past, because for us to have a future we’ll need to start at the beginning. I’ll reopen the wounds and the pain because I trust you.

“Everyone has a past, but that’s just it. It’s in the past. You can learn from it but you can’t change it.”
-Nicholas Sparks

I’ll take you on the good days and the bad. When you’re ready to tell me about your demons, I’ll face them head on with you. I’ll never be quick to judge because I know how it feels and if your past troubles you, I’ll work to help make it a little less troubling.

Our generation has lost sight on love and romance, but I can tell you I’m not that girl. I’m a hopeless romantic that’ll remind you daily that you’re important to me, even in the smallest gestures.

As I’m asking you to not take my heart for granted, I promise to never do the same to yours. This isn’t a game of who can break whose heart first and if you open yourself up to me I promise to cherish everything you share, and the memories that we make.

I’m asking you to be patient with me. It’s not going to be an easy task for me opening up to you right away. If you put in the work and the effort, I promise my heart will show you the loyalty you deserve. Once I love you, I’ll love you in ways you never thought imaginable.

All the reasons your past relationships didn’t work out won’t matter to you anymore; I’ll show you what was wrong with those girls and raise your standards to what a real relationship should be like.

I’ll love you with my whole heart, because that’s all I know how to do.

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands. To speak when words are need and to share in silence when they are not. To live with in the warmth of your heart and always call it home.
–The Vow Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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