I Hope You Learn To Love Yourself To The Fullest

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I hope you realize what you really deserve.

I hope you find inside you all the things others should love, including your flaws.

I hope you realize that even if you lack something that others have, you are still enough.

I hope you take time to look into the mirror and realize that there’s no need to feel insecure or ashamed of how you look. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, the excess fat you try to hide, the pimple marks, or the freckles and moles that looked like constellations waiting to be discovered.

I hope you realize that you are more than others’ opinion of you.

That no matter how terrible your mistakes were in the past, they’re not a reason for people to reject you.

I hope you realize that your loud personality should not be silenced by their harsh words, that the fire inside you should not be put out by those who can’t handle the heat. Nothing can ever break you or crack you into pieces unless you allow it.

I hope you realize that every crevice of your being, every gap, every hole that you think should not exist, will always be good enough – even the parts that the sun can’t touch.

I hope you realize that every step you take toward knowing your worth, every step you make toward accepting every part of you, is not to be taken lightly. It’s so easy to forget that we need to tend for ourselves when we are too busy taking care of others.

I hope you find time to care and love yourself more. I hope you haven’t gotten so fixed on looking out for other people that you’ve already forgotten to look out for yourself.

I hope you realize the beauty you have within. That you are not a sun but a sunset. It should not hurt when others stare at you — rather they should be watching you with awe as you unfold.

I hope you find time to look inside and find more reasons to love what’s there. Show them how much you adore yourself, how amusing it is to love the masterpiece that is you, until you no longer have to find validation in someone else. Until you no longer feel the need to settle on the temporary things they could give to you. Love yourself until it radiates to others.

Love yourself to the fullest, because if you don’t, who else will? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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