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This Is The Power Of Knowing Your Worth

They left you for someone else, for some other people, and now you are leaving them for yourself.

I guess that’s the upside of finally knowing your worth. You know where to stand. You know when to say you’ve had enough. You know when to stay stop. That it’s time for them to step up or watch you walk away instead. And it’s the kind of clothing that took too long for you to decide you have to finally wear it and this time you are not going to remove it; the kind of flower inside you that took you years to grow and nurture,  the kind of flame that won’t stop burning because you have fueled it with self-love.

You no longer want to go back to that person – the one who buys permanent things for temporary homes. The kind of person who sleeps inside the eye of storms that does nothing but leave bruises and wounds that take forever to heal – you are no longer that person. You have become someone who no longer bathes in silence and pain, someone who showers in her own tears; you have become your own savior.

And if ever flashbacks drag you back to the person you once were before, always remember the way back. Always fight back. You have come too far only to be taken back. Your wounds have found healing, never let them open again. Remember how much you love yourself. Remember how they have stayed out of convenience and left because they can’t settle. Remember the nights you cried alone because they are busy wiping somebody else’s tears. Remember what made you decide to change. Remember to love yourself more on the times they can’t.

Because knowing your worth means knowing that before you allow them to love you, you love yourself first. And love, if they can’t? Always remember, YOU CAN. TC mark

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