16 Lessons I’ll Teach My Future Daughter

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1. Someone who is comfortable with disrespecting you and who keeps on testing your limits will never fully appreciate and respect your loyalty and love no matter how much they claim to love you.

2. Someone may love you unconditionally but their love is wasted if you first don’t love yourself unconditionally because they’ll be filling a void that’s not meant to be filled by them but by self-love. Love yourself first.

3. Never allow a man to tell and show you that they don’t love you more than once.

4. Open the door and leave when you don’t feel appreciated in someone’s life. Do not beg to be part of someone’s life.

5. Communicate your feelings and thoughts and never allow anyone to belittle how you feel and how you think.

6. Remember, you cannot associate yourself with someone with the intent to change them. Your presence in someone’s life won’t change their actions, people change when they are ready to change.

7. People who don’t appreciate and respect themselves will do the same to you, people treat you according to how they feel about themselves.

8. Always take note of the signs and energy people give off to you, someone who’s aggressive when you’re not together will be aggressive when you’re together as well. Relationships don’t change people; they just increase the traits they had beforehand.

9. Focus on making yourself happy, when you practise self-happiness you bring happiness to others around you as well.

10. Be comfortable in who you are and ensure that your Yes to someone else is not a No to yourself.

11. Don’t compromise who you are to make someone else happy.

12. Always reflect on your decisions, laugh, smile and learn to apologise without being apologetic about things that matter the most to you.

13. Don’t be someone else’s everything, be your everything.

14. Know the difference between giving up and letting go.

15. You are enough, never allow anyone to tell you otherwise!!

16. Finally, be a work in progress. Work on improving yourself constantly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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