Quick Story: Middle Of The Night Sex

I was falling and scared. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop myself. It was dark and cold and there seemed to be people around, but I didn’t know any of them. They didn’t seem to care that I was falling either. I could see the ground below me and braced for impact. Just as I hit the pale grey pavement-I…woke up.

Whew. I was damp and disoriented, but as if by instinct, John put his arm around me, still asleep. The weight of his arm was always so comforting. I remember when we first started dating, it didn’t matter if he fell asleep on me in the most uncomfortable position, I wouldn’t move a muscle in fear he would wake and release me from his grip.

The chilly night air pumped its way into our open bedroom window. It couldn’t have been later than 2:00 am. I could tell by the light of the moon outside. Still a little shaken up from my dream, I put my arm on top of his and scootched back as close as I could to him. Ah…security.

After a few moments, as good as he felt, I was wide awake. My mind drifted to work, friends, and random business ideas, as it often did in the wee hours. Then I heard John whimper slightly and his body jerked. He was dreaming. I reached back and rubbed his side. He tightened his arm around me and I smiled. I pushed my rear back against his crotch. No response. I pushed back again, this time a little longer, and waited. I knew him too well. He grinded back-still asleep. I arched my back and pushed back once more. His hard-on made itself know, and he moved his arm so that his hand was around my neck.

Got him.

I threw my ass back a few more times, rubbing my cheeks against his solid cock. His other hand quickly moved down around my back, foggily trying to find my panties. Within seconds his fingers were entwined in fabric and he yanked them down.

He started humping my backside, his cock sliding in and out of my crack. I mimicked his motions and placed his hand, which was still around my neck, on my left titty. I put my hand on top of his and squeezed. He started massaging it, pinching my rock hard nipple. I reached back and took his dick in my hand. I pumped it a few times, still rocking my ass back and forth.

I shifted my position a bit so that I could ease his cock into my pussy. It slid in and he grabbed my chest harder.

“Pull my hair.” I whispered.

He snatched a piece of my dark hair and my pussy throbbed. We started rocking back and forth like a machine. I grabbed my own tits and massaged them till they hurt. His speed quickened. I stuffed my face into my pillow, and John started to grunt. I felt him leave my body.

“Come here.” he said.

I quickly sat up and took his dripping cock into my mouth. He exploded with delight and I sucked down as much of him as I could. I ran my lips up and down him. Having him cum in my mouth was such a riveting experience for me. I had only received my first ever pearl necklace about a year ago and that shit drove me wild.

I stroked his nutsack and then got up to smoke a cigarette. Bad dream followed by hot night sex. I couldn’t be happier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –Merra Marie

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