Choose Your Own Sex Adventure!

It was a dark & stormy night…Just kidding – It was mid-day, hot as fuck and we had been driving on Route 15 for hours. It seemed we were never going to make it to Vegas. Last time I looked at the temperature it was 103 and our A/C was out. But, it didn’t surprise me. How I had ever agreed to go on a road trip in a piece of shit 1994 white Chevrolet Corsica with iron-oxide ground effects, maroon interior, and a “Service Engine Soon” indicator that never goes off, is beyond me. I couldn’t even put my window down on my own accord. John had to do it from his side. I couldn’t bare the heat for another minute, so I…

Choose A if you think I should cool down with the ice cubes in our cooler.
Choose B if you think I should take all my clothes off.


…reached into the back seat and opened up our cooler. A mini burst of cold air escaped as I grabbed a handful of ice. In the split second it took to return to the front seat, the cubes had already started to drip from my warmth. I slowly moved the tiny glaciers across my chest. Finally, a little relief. A small stream of liquid made its way down between my hottentots. I could see John spying with his peripheral vision…

“Keep your eyes on the road!” I snarled.

It streamed down, dipping into my belly button and down even further, dampening the top of my panties. The little bit of ice I had left I moved down to my thighs. I moistened each leg as much as I could until the frozen water had completely disappeared.

Skip down to “C” if you want me to get more ice from the cooler.
Skip down to “D” if you want me to freak out due to the heat and kill John.


…started to strip. Lol – striping while on route to “The Strip”, how appropriate. Screw it. I was boiling and grumpy as fuck. A periodic sand storm was the only company we had encountered on this road to nowhere. At this point I wouldn’t care if we were in back-to-back traffic. I pulled off my top and let my Pointer-Sisters topple out. Still hot, but at least my missing garment allowed them to breathe a little. My shorts and thong seemed glued to my lower-half. Gross. I peeled them down to meet my glistening ankles, and quickly threw them in the backseat. The car hit the rumble strip and my body jerked. My eyes immediately went to John behind the wheel, whose eyes were obviously not on the road. I rolled my eyes and reclined my seat. At least something in this shit-mobile functioned properly.

Skip down to E if you want the excitement of being nude on the open road to make me start masturbating.
Skip down to F if you want me to make John pull over and then fuck his brains out.


I went back to the ice box for a second go-round. I wish I was small enough to just climb inside this bitch. I gathered more ice and this time I just packed my top and bottoms with it. Fuck this is cold!! Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. I didn’t care at this point. The cold soaked through my clothes with a desert vengeance and made my nipples hard as rock-candy. It was so refreshingly painful. I closed my eyes. I took one cube out of my top and worked it down my body. I playfully slid it down into my panties until it was sliding up and down my clit. The mixture of steam and ice took my breath away. I quickly tried to pop it into my cunt before it melted away into my own juices. Ice, Ice, Baby…LOL. Sorry – I couldn’t resist ;)


I knew going into it that this trip had the potential to make us or break us. At this point, I’d had enough of John and the heat definitely wasn’t helping the situation. I reached down slowly to take off my shoe. My Jimmy Choo “Lottie” Sandals: $695. Offing John: Priceless. I grasped my heel in my right hand and with a yawning motion, raised it till until it touched the maroon headliner. John hadn’t even noticed, and was still staring deep into my wet tits. With a swift chopping motion, I drove the red spike as hard as I could into his eye socket. It stuck and I screamed at the sight. Blood as red as the shoe spattered the window. The car sharply veered across the other lane and then off the pavement completely, bulking into the sand’s hidden dunes. We spun out in the golden dust and finally came to a stop.

After the indisputable shock of the moment, I reached across him, opened the car door, and shoved his body out onto the sand. The blood from John’s face sizzled from the heat as it dripped into the dry landscape below him. The desert swallowed his blood as quickly as a loving woman swallows her man’s cum. I reached down and yanked my size 7 from his skull. I could hardly go to Vegas with one shoe.


It did feel pretty naughty to be completely nude and speeding down the open road. Hmm, naked with plenty of time to kill…Sounds like a perfect time to give the kitten a little one on one time. I propped my feet up on the dash. Jesus, John might wreck the car during this… I let my knees fall apart and slowly stroked my bare breasts, working my way down to the inside of my thighs. I closed my eyes and imagined it was my old roommate, Lindsay. Yeah, I went through one of those phases. She often pulled rank in my fantasies.

I envisioned her blonde hair tickling my stomach, as it used to when tending to my needs. My fingers became hers as they playfully found their way into my pussy. I put two fingers in deep and slow. After a few minutes my fingers were as wet as could be and I began working my clit like John often did the toggle stick on his Xbox controller. I was jealous of the action that thing got at times, lol. Guys – I know you know what I’m talking about. I imagined Lindsay using her mouth to please me. Her tongue twirling and transforming. Thick and flat, lapping up my juices; to prick-like and hard, dipping in and out of every hole. Sometimes, she would just stop and envelope my whole cunt with her mouth. The vacuum of warmth she created was so deliciously intense.

I could feel the blood rushing to my crotch. I held my breath and gently pinched my clit, which sent my whole body over the edge. I was flooded with sensation and felt my pussy clench and release, clench and release, until the orgasm passed…I glanced over at John, who suddenly had the strangest look on his face. Who is Lindsey? he asked.


I laid back for a few minutes and closed my eyes. This long ass car ride was so boooring. Road trips with my girls were always a blast! Why did this trip seem so dull? Maybe it didn’t have to be…

“John – Truth or Dare.”

“Um, dare I guess.”

“I dare you to pull over right now.”


As soon as the car came to a stop I jumped out – still completely naked – and started running around to his side, giggling my ass off. I opened his door and went straight for his zipper. He looked a little startled, to be honest! I pulled his dick out and bent over to wet it with my lips. That made him smile and instantly rock-hard.

With John still facing forward and buckled in his seat, I sat down sideways on his cock with my feet out on the road. I started to bounce up and down in his lap, holding on to the door frame. He grabbed my tits with his left hand and held onto the steering wheel with his right. It felt so good to be out of the car and even better to be on his cock.

My ass was making such a sexy sound as it made contact with the tops of John’s thighs. Slap. Slap. Slap. I had quite the rhythm going, swirling my hips around clockwise for a minute, then changing directions. He reached between my legs and started playing with my bean as I continued to grind on him. He rolled it around between the tips of his fingers slowly, then with his middle finger firmly stroked it up and down. This drove me ape-shit. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet, so I glanced towards the rear of the car for a second to clear my head, and noticed a car approaching in the distance. Uh-oh, lol. John definitely didn’t notice and I wasn’t about to tell him, so I just kept going.

We rocked in sync, deeper and deeper with each thrust. He leaned closer and started sucking on my neck, which was salty from my sweat. Suddenly the vehicle I had spotted moments ago sped by, which John was not expecting, causing him to almost jump out of his seat, lol. The passers-by honked their horns and let out rebel yells from their windows – apparent approval of the show. They were gone in a flash and we resumed our performance.

Re-focused, John’s cock throbbed inside of me – his speed increasing. Our split second interruption and cheering on had him even more hot and bothered than before. He took his hand off the wheel and moved it down to my ass. I told him I was about to cum and he ran his hand down the small of my back, collecting the moisture that had developed, and slid his thumb into my asshole. I cried out with pleasure, which caused him to cum as well. He worked his thumb around as he jerked about, filling the rest of me. Suddenly this trip to Vegas wasn’t half bad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –Zach Dischner

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