I Need To Break Her Before She Breaks Me

Does she not want me anymore? She’s so occupied with her life.
She’s filling it with all these activities, these new people
Where am I in her life?

I need to do it before she does.
I need to dump her before I’m left behind
I need to break her heart before she breaks mine

She’s crying over the phone
She doesn’t understand why I don’t love her
My heart hurts – maybe she’s playing with me.
I need to move on
But who?

She’s broken, needs me, shares the same background,
Accepts me
I feel comfortable.
Hold me.

She could never hold me.
3000 miles separates us.
But my heart yearns for her
Why? She doesn’t want me…

She’s my best friend
I could fall in love with her
We could try…
We are in a relationship?

Why do I keep calling her?
Why does she keep telling me she loves me?
I cry
For the first time in years I cry

We slept together
I cheated
How could she ever forgive me?

Now I know, that she is who I want to be with
Now I know, how do I tell her?
Now I know, how do I keep both my best friend and the love of my life? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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