Every Day Of The Week All I Think About Is You

Katie Salerno
Katie Salerno

It’s not every day you come across someone who would instantly make you turn your head, who would permanently leave an impression, who would make you remember.

In my case, I unintentionally forget things – even the ones I shouldn’t. I get lost around dates, I mix up names – not until you swung past me that one morning. It was rather warm at the usually chilly office and I was waiting for tasks to get done and over with through the day. Looking at the digital clock at the lower right side of my computer screen, I count the minutes ’til lunch time.

I was bored out of my wits when suddenly a rushing body passed by my desk, arms flailing, legs itching to reach the room. It was the first time I recognized your presence, I instantaneously looked up from my computer screen to see you, brisk walking your way to your room. I instantly followed you through my curious gaze and from then on, I never fail to catch you every morning.

I became so curious, you seemed open yet mysterious, boisterous yet silent. You were my kind of mystery – one that I’d like to solve myself.

Days passed and unknowingly, our closeness reached to the point of consistent Skype convos, inside jokes, after-work dinner outs, and mid-day cigarette breaks. Your company was something I never imagined I would enjoy. And suddenly I knew that at that moment – that one morning – you were something that would leave an unexpected mark on me.

Boy, I was right. Since that day, there was never a single waking moment of my life that I never thought of you. I think about you at the wee hours of the night, at my idle moments when I start to zone out, at the busiest time of the day when I need to turn in a day’s worth of work. Believe me, it’s crazy.

I think about you on Mondays – at the beginning of the week when I used to dread the coming days. I think of how I’ll get to see you again, make the most out of the short time that I get to be with you. I think of how much work I’ll be dumped with and how I’m just so motivated to conquer them all.

I think about you on Tuesdays, how you’d like your morning coffee. Is it with a tinge of milk or with a spoonful of sugar or just plain black? I think about what drives you to do the things you do, where you get your daily source of inspiration – because I would like to tell you mine.

I think about you on Wednesdays, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to. Do you enjoy blasting rock tunes on your stereo, or humming to the blues while driving, or belting out to some R&B. I think about what makes your heart sing – like what you do to mine.

I think about you on Thursdays, when the week is almost over it just isn’t. I think about your smile and what makes you laugh and how it would be one of my favorite feelings in the world – knowing that my happiness is just as happy as I am.

I think about you on Fridays, the last day of the week where I’ll get to see you. I think about how you’d like to spend your free time, your Friday nights knowing that you won’t have to snooze your alarm the next day. I think about what you think when you start to zone out, where your mind wanders and for how long – because I know you have mine and I don’t think I still want it back.

I think about you on Saturdays when the world seems calm. I think about how nice it would be silent with you, what it feels like to have you by my side and not say a single word. Sometimes, silence is deafening but with you just inches from me, I know that silence would be everything.

I think about you on Sundays when I’m having my usual morning coffee to start off the rather lazy day. I think about how it would be nice to wake up next to you and spend the rest of the day in bed before another busy week begins. I think about how I know I would enjoy my Sundays more knowing that we get to be with each other doing nothing and anything and everything at the same time.

There’s nothing and no one that inhabits my thoughts like you. You are in everything I do and every word I say, I think about you way more than I should and I don’t think I would want it any other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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