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Here’s To The Real Friends

To the friend who is like family to you,

To the friend who helped you change a cracked break line in the rain at night so that you could drive home to see your mom for Thanksgiving,

To the friend that tells you the way you talk to him when your frustrated makes him feel stupid, and makes you want to change so that he never feels like that again,

To the friend that takes you to dinner because you’ve had a bad day and you look like you could use some food,

To the guy friend that never tried being anything more than just friends,

To the guy friend who respects you, and makes you feel respected every chance he gets,

To the friend who tells you to text you when you get home, even though you live down the street,

To the friend that knows your drink order and who will still drink the Sprite with grape add in at Sonic that you ordered even though they hate it.

To the friend that knows when you think someone is totally hot even though you didn’t think you were being that obvious,

To the friend who appreciates your making an effort to put his family first even when it ruins your plans, then he makes it up to you,

To the friend who is never mad at you, but always uses his frustration as an opportunity to understand you,

To the friend who you are always learning from,

To the friend who sings loud with you in the car and laughs at you when your voice cracks,

To the friend that you could talk to all night, and never be bored,

To the friend that you could sit in silence with, and your time together would awesome,

To the friend you’re excited for when opportunity arises,

To the friend whom without, you don’t know where you’d be emotionally,

To the friend who you don’t mind talking about your dreams with; because they would never laugh at you,

To the friend who makes you excited to do boring things with,

To the friend who lets you drive his car, although he doesn’t let a lot of people drive it,

To the friend who is kind and patient even when you’re a handful,

To the friend who is a real blessing to you and you don’t tell them enough because if you did, it would get annoying,

To the friend whom you talk about to other people just because they’re so awesome to you,

To the friend who will always have a special place in your heart even after you move away,

To the friend who you hope you will never not be friends with,

You’re the best and I love you to bits and pieces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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