A Rainy Day Poem


Rainy days are gloomy ways of reminding me to placate misplaced hate
For I have disgraced many relationships based on biases in corroded states
I watch the rain fall gently onto the pavement as I recall times less bitter
Times when my friends’ shelters were my havens as I watched the rain pitter patter

The latter parts of my life have been grim, with the loneliness of nights being my companions
My relationships with friends always felt as if they shot out of cannons
The insides of me feel hollowed out as the memories of days past are thought about
With a crew I carried a clout; alone I tread in a drought

Daily doubts plague my mind about what I had done with previous companions
Maybe a lack of compassion did me in or maybe it was our struggle to see who could take more cash in
Ultimately though, as the rain pours thousands of miles away from my friends
Alone I sit by myself with the rain, and regarding my misery I see no ends Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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