Maybe Heartbreak Is God’s Way Of Saying You Deserve Better

Maybe pain from an emotional trauma is a stepping stone towards something better. Maybe that heartbreak you have been through is not the end of your heart’s journey through life after all. Maybe you are on the cusp of experiencing something better than you have ever imagined. Maybe there is someone above watching your every step and guiding your heart to the person it truly deserves. Maybe you will never know what is best for you when perhaps all you need is to surrender to God’s judgement and management of your life.

Heartbreak is an experience that will test your emotional mettle to a point where you feel your resolve dwindling. You will feel your heart tear into a million pieces and wonder if it will ever regain its previous form. It will leave your heart with scars that may take weeks, months, or years to heal—that is, if they ever do. You may reach a point where you feel that you have nothing else to give anyone anymore or that you cannot find it in your heart to open up or trust anyone with it, because you were certain that when you did previously trust someone with your heart, they were worthy of your love. You may even start to question God’s plans and the way He is managing your life and the people He brings you closer to. I know it is hard to believe it when I tell you that I know what you are going through, because I have been there, and I am certain a lot of people you know experienced similar traumas, whether they choose to talk about it or not.

I want you to grieve and to release every tear that you have bottled up over the years. Because in that process, you are cleansing your heart from years of pain, misuse, and neglect. You are allowing yourself to address the pain you have been through, and in turn understand how to come out of it with a renewed sense of faith and vigour. Maybe then will you contemplate the notion that perhaps what happened is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Maybe that person you saw as your soulmate did not see you in the same way and you were better off breaking up with them before your heart had clutched to theirs for longer. Maybe we are all souls searching for safe havens for our hearts, yet God is the only one who knows whether each haven is worthy of that treasure. Maybe at some point, when we have moved on from our heartbreaks, we will see how wrong we were and how lucky we were to have God to save us from what we were too blinded by love to admit.

Sometimes, at the height of my self-reflection, I realize: Why bother with things I cannot control? You can control how sincere, honest, and brave you can be when you are in a relationship, but you can never control how the other party feels about it or whether they choose to invest in it like you have. The point is, if you know you were as genuine and honest as you could possibly be and you still ended up heartbroken, then maybe what you thought was yours never was. Maybe then you will realize that what’s really meant to be yours will never slip from your grasp, and what’s not meant to be yours will never stay on for too long. It is God’s way of telling you that your precious heart deserves better, and when you carry on with your life with as much strength as you can possibly fathom, God might just surprise you with someone who will make all those years of pain seem like a distant memory belonging to another lifetime.

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