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Hope For A Better Future Begins With Accepting The Past

Time and again, we find ourselves trapped on the bridge between the past and future. Sandwiched between the pains of the past and the unknowns of the future, we often feel stuck in a position from where there appears to be no escape.

It is only with the acceptance of the past, acknowledgment of the present, and hope for the future that we will be able to persevere by having patience and allowing our faith to stand taller than our fears and regrets. For it is with this process of experiences that we evolve as humans as we become familiar with not only what is around us but also with who we are and who we want to become.

If you feel that you have hit rock bottom or reached the highest peak in your life, then that is simply not true, because with the unpredictability of life, you are undoubtedly yet to experience the lowest of lows and highest of highs. This is the bittersweet reality. A reality that is not easy to accept but nonetheless one that most certainly cannot be ignored, for it is the essence of our life.

The inability to control what we want to create and what we desire may not always be the best thing, but it also is not the worst because it is only through this that we understand how to deal with and process things that are beyond our imagination. Sure, there may be many dark days in the future where you may begin to doubt your journey, but there will also be several bright days where you will thank yourself for staying steadfast during all the tough times. Hence we must learn to be patient and on this bridge between despair and hope, and choosing hope is what will make what is coming better than what has gone by.

Through the vagaries of life, our commitment to growth will only survive when we water it with hope and hard work, for it is then that we will come to managing things differently by understanding how to analyze every side of the situation and not reach conclusions based on what is visible only on the surface without getting to the core of it all. Sometimes all it takes is a change of perception to turn what once damaged you into what will now be the catalyst that pushes you forward. And this will ultimately transform every negative story into one that made you stronger and wiser.

What we do today will inexorably affect our future self, for every new level in life demands an involved and enriched version of ourselves and the creation of that future version begins here, today, now. What you are now is the foundation of your future self, so make sure it is a version that your future self will thank you for.

Certainly, what is to come will be much better than what we leave behind, for through this process of growth, we comprehend that we must be careful with what we can control and acceptant of what we cannot. Subsequently, our commitment to progress and tolerance of change will allow us to perceive life in a manner that we had not discovered previously.

A new beginning opens a new chapter. The pages are now blank. We are the authors of our own story. What will your story be?

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