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How To Cope With Change

Change is the law of life. We are bound to face several changes throughout the course of our existence, many at the most unexpected times. With that said, change is never a linear process, for it can take on many forms, which can be messy and uncomfortable, as it has the potential to affect our lives in several ways. Change can be divided into four categories:

A. Addition

The addition of new things or people in your life can sometimes be intimidating because it naturally does take time for one to compose their feelings about new things. Often this can be a numbing experience, as the stressful process of having to adjust to something new is not always a quick one.

B. Loss

On the other hand, changes that involve a loss are not any easier, for they can be devastating to your mental health, especially when you lose something or someone that you were emotionally attached to.

C. Sudden

Sudden changes can often confuse us and make us nervous. For example, getting a new job. Even if it were your dream job, you may still experience a level of doubt where you begin to have second thoughts on whether or not you want the job anymore as you become unsure about your skills in accordance with what the role demands.

D. Gradual

Gradual changes can sometimes be a little easier to cope with, as we can slowly prepare ourselves mentally for the change that is occurring.

Having said that there are key steps you could take when coping with any such changes.

1. Create Balance Between Change And Stress

Change and stress go hand in hand, for even when the change is a positive one, it is still accompanied by a certain level of stress, therefore you must strive to create a balance between both. In the uncertainty of life, we are bound to face changes, many of which we do not necessarily want. Hence, to maintain balance and reduce our stress levels, we must weigh the pros and cons of the changes and how we can utilize them to create an enriched version of ourselves.

2. Perceive Change As An Opportunity

The unpredictability of life not only brings changes but also an uncertainty for opportunity. Everything that alters our way of life in any way, shape, or form is always accompanied by a chance to evolve. Remember, sometimes a change of perspective and looking at the bigger picture is all it takes to establish a more active role in your life where you see change as an opportunity for growth and not the ground for unwanted stress.

3. Plan And Be Patient

Realize that not everything is in your control, but your emotions are. You cannot always control what goes on around you or in your life. However, you can choose what you react to and how. To control your emotions does not mean to oppress them but rather to comprehend that you are going through a process that has no time limit, which means you must muster up the confidence to face the differences that change brings and how it affects your future instead of holding back trying to desperately cling onto your old life. With this, you must be patient, for it is in no way an easy journey, yet it provides you with the choice to either keep moving forward or stay where you are.

4. Express Yourself

Our strength lies in our ability to be open and knowing when to ask for help, because putting on a strong face for the world but struggling on the inside will never be helpful to us. Instead, it will only worsen things over time. Whether you are coping with the change or struggling, it is always good to talk about it with someone, as they can provide you with a whole new perspective to what you are facing, which may even motivate you to change your entire method of handling that particular change.

5. Rest

Through times of change, no matter how big or small, you must take care of yourself, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. It is okay to have bad days, but never let them carry on. Learn to rise above them and move on, for life has a lot to offer. Only if we approach it with positivity and determination will we be able to become a better version of ourselves each time.

Change Opens New Paths

Life is often different after going through the process of change, but that is good, for without it, we would become too accustomed to our comfort zones and feel no need to expand. Change is what makes life exciting, for it reveals that we all have a strength within us that often gets buried under our layers of insecurities and fears about the uncertainty of life. With change, we learn to conquer and remove these layers, which will lead us to discover a new version of ourselves that has every ability to endure any change regardless of the time frame.

You need to believe in yourself and trust the process.

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