Mind Of An Addict

Thomas Picauly
Thomas Picauly

You cannot find the answer to your life at the bottom of a bottle
Believe me I’ve been there and it’s a hard pill to swallow
But two becomes four and four becomes more and soon you’re drowning in your own self-loathing
Wanna make excuses for the nights you don’t remember
Wanna apologize for the words you never meant to say
For the actions that you took but won’t remember the next day
I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of being sorry
I’m so tired of feeling sorry
I’m so tired of drinking down your memory
I’m so tired of remembering how you forgot about me
At the end of the day you may never forgive me
But I’m only human and we all make mistakes
Alcohol is a disease with so many souls take
I just want mine back,
I have to find an escape one drink two drink but there’s so much more
Should have went to class but I guess I didn’t
Shouldn’t have cheated on you but I guess I did it
Tried to apologize but I never meant it
Tried to stay sober but it’s hard to forget it
Tried to stay drunk but it’s hard to remember it
Just wanna go back to who I use to be
Back in high school when I swore I’d never drink
Somewhere along the way I lost myself
Deep depression was the curse where I found myself
Now six months later and I’m still blaming myself
For the actions that I took and the words that I said induced by a drug that I never meant to start
Just wanna go back before I lost it all…
Just wanna go back before I took that first sip
Just wanna say no thank you and I might not have ever became an addict Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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