Falling For Her Is Like Running A Marathon

  Jenny Hill
Jenny Hill

Love is like running a marathon,
an indefinite one.

The process of getting to know her
is like warming up before the run.

It gets your heart pumping,
and warms up your body.

Falling for her is when the gun
goes bang and you start the run.

You run, and run, and run
with all this determination fueled by love.

Your main goal: to get to the finish line.

Each water pit stop along the way
represents the good memories that you have with her.

You see your family members on the sidelines,
encouraging you to chase your dreams.

To go after what you yearn for.

You see your friends questioning you but you ignore them,
because you think they don’t even understand.

They don’t understand
the amount of love and pain you feel.

Once in a while, you want to give up,
because it’s just so tiring and you think to yourself,
“What am I running for?”

Your love for her is strong enough
to pull you through those moments though,
and you continue running.

You get lost along the way,
separated from the crowd.

You find your way back
because there’s just this magnet
pulling you towards the correct route.

You face obstacles along the way,
but they seem like nothing to you.

Finally, you see the finish line.

But instead of the huge “FINISH” banner
and the congratulations you were expecting,

Something else stands in place.

On the banner,
you see “REJECTION” in huge,
red, block letters.

You see her standing there,
at the line, arms crossed,
shaking her head.

“I don’t love you back.” She says.

You went against all odds.

You climbed the obstacles.

You ran for so long.

All for nothing.

You may have conquered the distance, but you still lost the race. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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