How To Give Men The Recognition That They Deserve


As I have been scrolling through Twitter, Facebook and various blog sites that I follow, I have found something that concerns me. All too often women, like myself, are fighting for the respect that we truly deserve—which is often a tough battle. But in the midst of this battle we forget to notice the men who are often considered the “exception to the rule.”

I’m talking about the men who recognize the inherent dignity that each person has, and live their lives according to that knowledge. It is far too easy to just put all men into one category, and then sit here and wonder where all the “good ones” went—when in reality, it’s time for us to take a moment to look at our lives and see the men that are what we consider to be the “good ones”—and then lift them up for that fact, rather than tearing them down.

I am fortunate enough to have men in my life who are truly the definition of “the good ones” and for that I am beyond thankful. With that, I feel that we need to draw attention to the positive things that these men do—in order to eliminate lumping them all into the category of “all men are the same.”

Note the little things.

Pay attention to the little things that men intentionally do, not to make sure they are doing as “they should” but rather for the choice they are making to act/behave/think in a certain way that upholds the dignity of individuals.

Acknowledge them.

Take the 10 seconds it takes to say “Hey, I saw what you just did there and I want to thank you for doing that.” Or “Thanks for being YOU!”

Be sincere and thank the “good ones”.

When you note the little things and acknowledge men for the good they do, make sure you are sincere and genuine in what you say to them as a way of true gratitude. Believe me, you know the power of a negative comment can have on someone, imagine the larger impact that saying something positive to someone can do.

It’s time to note the importance of recognizing the fact that no matter our sex, we all deserve the same amount of dignity and respect. So thank you to the many men who often go without recognition for exuding the same dignity, worth and respect to all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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