5 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

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I have been thinking about this post for a long time, but I thought that it would be hypocritical for me to write it because as much as I hate to admit it – I do some of these things. Then I realized that being honest about the fact that I can succumb to these things, is just the reason I needed for creating this post – to help myself and to help others. With that I give you: 5 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other.

1. Stop comparing.

It is way too easy for each of us to look at ourselves and compare varying qualities that other women possess. Each of us is created in our own unique and special way – try taking the time to realize the unique qualities that each of us has.

2. Stop Withholding Compliments.

This goes hand in hand with number one. If we are to recognize those unique qualities in others, why not make someone’s day and compliment them on it? You never know the impact that a kind and genuine compliment can have on someone. 

3. Stop Talking Poorly About Others Behind Their Backs.

It is so much easier to talk poorly about someone than it is to speak positively. Even with that being said though, that doesn’t make it okay. Each of us has something we struggle with, something we are unsure of, something we aren’t proud of – and even though it may not seem like it at face value, that means we all have some kind of commonality. Rather than pointing out something that someone struggles with – compliment them and magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.

4. Stop Competing With One Another.

What kind of things do women compete over? Friends, men, appearances, clothes, shoes, jobs and the list could go on and on. We need to realize that we are all on the same team! Rather than focusing on each little piece of yourself that you feel makes you “better” than another, think about it this way – what is something you can do to counteract the need to compete with other women? I’ll give you a hint: it begins with realizing your own qualities as unique and special to you – then realizing that other women have unique and special qualities of their own.

5. Stop Making Another Woman’s Life Challenging

Since we know that as women, it is an incredible challenge to be a woman, why do we feel the need to treat other women poorly? We know what it feels like, so why would we wish that upon anyone else?

Ladies, it is time to realize the inherent beauty, strength and perseverance that deep down, each of us has within ourselves. It is time to take a chance and swim against the tide. Be a better woman, be a better advocate for your fellow women and all in all…

Be better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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