This Is What It’s Like To Be A Wandering Soul

It is hard to explain to someone who doesn’t quite see the world how you do, the way you do. Life to many can just be compartmentalized and put into little boxes. A box for your job. a box for your significant other. A box for your wedding, your kids, your house. Check, check, check. For some though life isn’t quite so simple. Some of us don’t know exactly what we want to do next or where we want to go, we just know there is so much out there we want to experience.

We visit and travel new places often without knowing exactly what for, just that we know in our soul we need to. Mundane and material things don’t impress us. People trying to impress us, don’t impress us. Money is a necessary evil, not something we live for. We don’t need a big car or a fancy house, we need to be surrounded by love and warmth, growth and good. We know there is nothing better than a genuine laugh or a heartfelt hug. We are moved by the storytellers, the dreamers, the drifters, the people whose lives are different than ours, that we can learn from. We are drawn to new surroundings and unique experiences.

We fall in love with so many things sometimes it is hard to keep track. We love love. We love different. We love doing things that terrify us a little, because we know those are the moments that we grow. We love looking back and seeing that we have accomplished what we never thought we could, things we never thought were even a possibility. Because it is in those moments we know we are becoming the people we were always intended to be. We leap before we look sometimes.

We fall, but we rise. Our faith has been tested, but it always remains. We have grandiose plans and an endless list of options of places we want to explore and journeys we want to take. We don’t always know how we will accomplish something, we just know someway, somehow- we will. Life to us in the moments. It is finding the next adventure. It is setting our feet on new sands, diving into new seas. It is laughing with a group of strangers, singing words to songs we don’t know.

It is finding ourselves when we didn’t know we were lost, and continuing to find ourselves over and over again. It is kissing a cute stranger under the stars, waving at a baby we pass on the street, helping someone who cannot repay us. It is jotting down a funny memory or a beautiful quote we can’t forget. It is finding out what makes us smile the biggest, what our passions are, what makes our eyes light up just by talking about it. It is knowing that there is a whole wide world out there just waiting for us to discover it. It is the feeling that there is no better time than right now to do what we have always wanted to do, so why not go do it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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