What Separates Good Friends From Best Friends?


1. A good friend will subtlety voice their concerns about your current or past significant other. A best friend will just tell you that he’s an asshole.

2. A good friend will casually mention a decision you may want to rethink. A best friend will just tell you, you’re being an idiot.

3. A good friend will make a nice spot for you on the couch to sleep. A best friend will drunkenly kick you in their sleep…in their bed.

4. A good friend will let you use the bathroom first. A best friend will pee while having a full conversation with you.

5. A good friend will only tag you in pictures where you look cute. A best friend will Snapchat a picture of you passed out…to everyone.

6. A good friend will let you know you have something on your face or in your teeth. A best friend will just get that shit off.

7. A good friend will let you borrow her shoes. A best friend will let you borrow her bra.

8. A good friend knows the details of your life. A best friend knows enough to blackmail you for all your worth.

9. A good friend has heard you say “I usually never do that.” A best friend knows that’s a complete lie.

10. A good friend will always be there for you. A best friend, you couldn’t get rid of even if you tried. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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