You Need To Stop Acting Like You’re Perfect

W. E. Jackson
W. E. Jackson

You want to know what I like? Honesty. I like when people can admit when things in their life aren’t going so hot. I like when they can just come right out and say you know..shit sucks right now but I’m dealing with it,I’ll be good. It’s refreshing. You know what I don’t like? Fake.

No one’s life is perfect. Anyone can force their family into their Sunday best and threaten cheesy smiles on their faces and snap a pic like all is dandy. Contrary to popular belief however, not all people are stupid. We can see that you’ve only put up head shots since 2009 because you gained the freshman 35. So what? We know you and your boyfriend broke up LAST week so chances are you aren’t really “so ridiculously in love” as you have mentioned three times this week. Do not even get me started on members of your own family doing said things (family means..I’m aware of all the skeletons in your closet and the troubles in paradise.) It is okay! Shit happens.

I don’t want any people (many people) being miserable and hating their lives. I just don’t see the point in glamorizing your own life in attempt to portray this perfect facade. I am a chronic down player. The good things that happen to me I don’t like to or want to excessively gloat about them, because I find it rude. I bought a new car recently, you know what most of my friends said when they saw it? “Oh I didn’t know you got a new car.” Correct, because I never want to make someone feel bad by shoving my mundane successes in their face.

We all know people that whatever day, time, or moment we ask them how they are things are, they are just fuckin-a- fantastic. Sometimes things just suck and we all know that. I respect people a HELL of a lot more when they can admit that and stop trying to play the “my life is better than yours” game. No one is perfect. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that? Maybe you were one of those kids whose parents called them “Princess” until they were 35. In that case, that explains a lot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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