12 Sobering Ways Fridays Make You Feel Old

Pinti 1
Pinti 1

1. That after work drink at 5PM is not a suggestion it is necessity for your mental stability.

2. Although that drink now sounds best if you can have it on the couch in your sweats.

3. You say things like “I’d love to, but it’s been a really long week.”

4. At this point your brain is so fried you no longer have any concept of what month it is.

5. You are acutely aware that if the work week was one day longer you would never survive.

6. Your production level takes an extreme plunge between 12 and 2 Friday with no desire to improve.

7. You have a long mental list of “shit I will take care of Monday”.

8. You wait all week to “let loose” and then when Friday comes you’re really more sleepy than anything else.

9. You instead catch up on all the shows you DVR’ed all week that you refused to stay up past 11PM for.

10. You have lists of things you want to accomplish over the weekend, and those lists aren’t nearly as fun as they used to be.

11. Few things these days make you happier than the option to wear jeans for casual Friday, and that worries you.

12. When people ask your weekend plans and any of the following words are in your response: laundry, cleaning, bills, yard work, errands, chores, or carpooling. Once you start carpooling, your youth is pretty much over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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