11 Trivial Reasons To Be Happy You’re Single


1. You don’t have to feel moderately guilty when you’re being judged for reading Cosmo during football on Sundays. You also don’t have to pretend to understand the vast importance of their Fantasy Football team, when really after years of relationships, you still have ZERO idea what guys are talking about.

2. You can wear heels and not give a fuck who you’re taller than or worry he’s feeling weird he has to look up at you.

3. You can get unapologetically college girl wasted if you so choose. So you threw up at the Chinese food place after four Mai Tai’s, it happens to the best of us!

4. You can listen to Taylor Swift in the car as much as you damn well like, on repeat even.

5. You can also sing angry Kelly Clarkson breakup songs at the top of your lungs and feel uber connected to the lyrics.

6. You don’t have to dread sharing holidays with your significant others family (if you once did). You can show up in your fat jeans on Thanksgiving with your own family and eat pie in peace without having to do fake smiles and engage yourself in conversation you’ve mentally checked out of before it even began.

7. You can dance with and flirt with and kiss whoever the hell you want. Why? Because it’s fun. You may have forgotten just how fun, but I promise you’ll remember quick.

8. You can take up the whole bed if you feel like it, and hog the blankets, while watching Lifetime, complaint free.

9. Although recommended, you don’t technically need to feel compelled to shave your legs quite as often.

10. When your friends are fighting with their significant other, you can sit back and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to deal with that shit.

11. You are readily available to do whatever whenever. Invitation for a cruise next month? WHY NOT? No guilt factor of leaving someone behind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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