An Important Note For Men: Avoid High Maintenance Women

I’m just saying.. I haven’t met any girl hot enough for a man to deal with their bullshit on a constant, never ending basis. Maybe some men are into this sort of behavior but certainly not a man that I personally would be into. MEN, find a woman that will treat you like a human being because girls like this DO NOT CHANGE. If this is you – I say grab “YOUR” dog, that 24 pack of beer she doesn’t want you drinking, and get the F out of there.

Take note of the following RED FLAGS:

Chronic Bitch Face

It’s the “You better not do that”, “We are going to talk about this later”, “You know you shouldn’t be eating that” face. If you have ever seen a crazy woman in a relationship, you have seen this face. No woman should be telling a grown ass man what he can and cannot do. EW.

What’s Yours is Mine

You have been dating 6 months and suddenly your dog is “our dog”, your apartment is “our apartment”. Before you know it those apartment walls will be lavender and your dog will be shaved because she didn’t like the fur all over “her couch” at your house.


If you find yourself having to say these things on a daily basis, you might already be too far gone.. “I know you were right,” “No, I shouldn’t have done that,” “I’m sorry.” If you find yourself apologizing for RIDICULOUS things that you are not even remotely sorry for (or even think are wrong) just because it’s easier to say she was right and shut her up – that is a serious problem.

Want, Want, Want

If this chick is constantly on the computer telling you what vacation destination she wants to go to next, or how many months you are going to need to save for the diamond ring she has so sweetly text you a picture of – those expectations are never going to end. It will be a constant battle of keeping her happy with the next shiny object. I imagine it’s not all vacations and luxury once you walk down the aisle. Let’s give her two screaming kids and a minivan and see if she’s still your pretty princess.

Doesn’t Play Well With Others

If she is the type to get in a fight with a girl at the bar, a waiter, a man crossing the street – every time you leave the house, It’s not the general public that’s the problem, IT’S HER! When your family and friends don’t say anything bad about her, but they don’t say anything good about her either, it’s because they don’t like her, but feel too bad coming right out and telling you she’s horrendous.

Not a Good Sharer

She hates any time you are not with her. On nights you want to go out with your friends you already know it’s going to be an issue. You start making up excuses when friends ask you to hangout because you know it just leads to a problem. God forbid you need to check with her before making plans. Everything makes her jealous and everything requires reassurance that she is the most important thing in your life. ICK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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