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Let 2021 Be The Year You Finally Become The Best Version Of Yourself

It’s always the same every year. A year comes to an end and a new one approaches. A new year to be a better person, make better decisions, become more fulfilled, be in a better place financially, etc. We’re all guilty of it. We tell ourselves over and over again that 2020 was shitty, 2019 was the hardest, and 2018 offered nothing but heartache. We’re determined to make sure that 2021 is going to be the year.

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.

Why do we need a new year approaching to become a better version of ourselves? We don’t. We say it in hopes that’ll be true, but we know we’re going to continue being the same trash we’ve always been and making the same mistakes we always do.


Actually use this new year to become the best you and keep it going. Use this new year as a chance to break your terrible habits and focus on what drives you and what you’re passionate about. Make a list of things you’re not going to do anymore and the scumbags you’re not going to let in anymore.

I refuse to do things on a whim anymore.

I refuse to let dirtbags have my heart anymore.

I refuse to allow people that add no value to me affect who I am anymore.

I refuse to give “me time” to anyone except for me anymore.

I refuse to allow my focus on what I want to be deferred anymore.

I refuse to give pieces of me to anyone else anymore.

I simply refuse.

This new year is the perfect opportunity to be exactly who the fuck you want to be. This new year approaching is the perfect chance to get your ducks in a row and throw a middle finger up to anyone who disagrees. This new year approaching is the perfect opportunity to reinvent who you are and finally be able to bear the reflection staring back at you. This new year approaching is YOUR TIME.

New year, new bitch, who this?

Watch and find out.

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