Embrace All The Feels

You’re at a time in your life where all of your friends are either married, have kids, or both. And then there’s you. It wouldn’t be fair to say that you don’t want any of those things, but you’re just not there yet. You spent six years with someone you thought you were going to have those things with and well, he turned out to be a lying, cheating dirtbag who constantly found himself tripping and falling into the wrong vaginas.

Here you are over a year later and you’ve dated here and there. At first you swore off being in a relationship altogether, but it wasn’t the actual relationship you were swearing off, it was relationships with the type of guys you were hooking up with/dating that you were actually swearing off. You embraced these feelings and had the summer of your life.

Literally, no fucks were given.

Now you’re seeing a guy who actually has his shit together and it’s the most refreshing feeling in the world. You’re used to attracting dirtbags, scumbags, and quite honestly the dirtballs of Northwest Indiana, so this is a nice change of pace.

You’re all sorts of in your feels and you should be.

It’s nice to find someone who wants to do sweet things for you. It’s nice to find someone who will go get drunk on a Thursday with you just because. It’s nice to find someone who wants to go get ice cream and sit by the lake. It’s nice to find someone who asks to kiss you. It’s nice to find someone who makes you tingle all over.

You are for sure in your feels. Embrace this.

Embrace these moments. Embrace every smile, giggle, kiss, and intense eye contact. Embrace being in your feels. You deserve it. You’ve been treated like shit for long enough. It’s time to realize what you deserve and settle for nothing less than that. No more meeting half way or more. Make him work for it. Believe me, he will. He sees how perfect you are in the least graceful ways possible, but still finds every bit of you intoxicating.

Keep getting drunk off each other and embrace every little feel you give one another.

Indiana University. B.A. English.

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