Kiss Somebody

Sylvia Plath said, “kiss me and you will see how important I am.” Sylvia Plath may have been a very dark poet who ended her own life at the age of 31, but she was right. A kiss can tell you so much about a person, about a feeling, and about yourself.

We’ve kissed tons of people in our lifetimes and because of this, we’re able to experience all different types of kisses and feelings about those kisses. They were all different experiences that left some type of imprint on us whether they were positive or negative.

A kiss is one of the best and most exciting experiences in your life. Everyone wants the kiss that makes you close your eyes, put your hand in my hair, make my heart race kind of kiss. There’s nothing better and not only that, it’s so innocent. When you get a kiss like this, you’re left wanting more. You want to feel that giddy, butterflies in your stomach kind of happy again and again.

So you keep looking for it. And it’s important to.

You shouldn’t settle for shitty kisses. Stay searching for the kiss that sweeps you off your feet. The one that leaves you wanting more. The one that you would move mountains for.

Kiss more and kiss often. Kiss whoever the hell you want until you find THAT kiss. Kiss in the backseat of a car, at a concert, in a bar, on a train, in the street while it’s raining. Do it wherever and whenever. It’s important to have more of these carefree moments while you can. You discover so much about yourself when you do this. You allow more positivity and happiness to enter your life and find exactly who it is that you are.

Go ahead, kiss somebody. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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