It’s Time To Stop Ghosting (We’re Better Than That)

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Sadly, this is something some of us know all too well. Imagine or don’t, because the truth is, most of us don’t need too. A guy that you never thought about having feelings for is suddenly making himself known on your radar. He’s Snapchatting you on a regular basis, viewing all of your Instagram stories, and now suddenly texting you about wanting to “wine and dine” you. You’re holding engaging conversations so you end up taking him up on his offer to take you out.

The first date is always the weirdest. You don’t know what to wear. You don’t want it to be awkward. To your surprise, you end up having a great time and you both hit it off. You talk about so much that you don’t even realize how long you’ve actually been with each other. He comes off super nice and that makes that first kiss he plants on you AMAZING.

After that first date, it seems pretty clear that this is something you both want to pursue. After all, he picks you up when you’re out with your friends and you’ve had too much too drink. He’s attentive and very responsive. He calls you beautiful just because it makes you smile. He deals with your attitude and sarcasm in a way that means he totally gets you. This seems like it might have potential.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You start to hangout more. You have sex. You have sex again, and again, and again. He makes it perfectly clear that he’s not in it for the sex, that it’s just an added bonus. You have several sleepovers; you meet his family, friends, etc. This seems more and more as though it definitely has some potential.


All of a sudden he seems cold. He’s not calling you beautiful anymore. He hasn’t asked to see you. He isn’t texting/calling you first. You feel it. Something’s wrong, but you don’t know what. Naturally, you express that and he tells you there’s nothing wrong. He reassures you that everything is fine. He reassures you that if something was wrong or that if he wasn’t into you anymore then he would tell you.

Guess what, HE’S A LIAR.

It’s been days since you’ve heard from him. You shoot him a text looking for what went wrong because you’re feeling kind of dumb, embarrassed, and your feelings are slightly hurt.


It’s been days since you sent that text and got no response. You see him viewing your Snapchats on your Snapchat Story, he still views your Instagram stories, but yet, he didn’t even have enough respect for you as a person to even send a “I hate you, please don’t talk to me ever again” text. What’s sad is, that honestly would’ve been better than straight crickets.

To anyone thinking about ghosting someone, DON’T DO IT. Be a better person and deal with the awkwardness of telling them that you’re not into them anymore. Tell them if there’s someone else. Tell them if you want to take your ex back for the 305828th time. You’ll be respected so much more and held at a much higher standard than the guy who just doesn’t respond. Stop the era of ghosting and be a better person. TC mark

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